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Before I get into my post I want to tell about my weekend. We went to the race and had a good time. It didn't feel the same with my buddy not being there. He decided not to go and flew home to the Carolinas. It just wasn't the same for me I just felt bad all weekend. I think before I go to another one I'll make sure he's in it if not I can just watch on TV. Not sure if ya'll watch it or not or maybe you seen the replays on the news and what happen between Brad Keselowski & Carl Edwards I'm not gonna say anything on this until Nascar hands out its ruling. I do want to say this I know Brad and I have met Carl I also know the heat between them. I spent time with Brad on Saturday and Sunday after the wreck I'll wait on Nascar to say there peace then I'll do a post on it later this week.

Next I want to talk about something I don't normally talk about family. Most of you know reading this blog for years I don't go deep into my family or speak of them much other than my close family. There's something going on in my family right now that has me so pissed off I have to speak on it maybe get a different point of view on it or something. The deal is this my Uncle that I love very much and think the world of is having trouble with the rest of the family. I call them the rest of the family cause I personally have nothing to do with them and my Parents don't either. My Uncle is a kind hearted person and sometimes its a fault. This is the story my cousin and I use that loosely accused my Uncle a couple years ago of doing nasty stuff in front of him. This was suppose to have happen 15 years ago according to this cousin.

The reason he said he never said anything before then was he was scared about it. I call bullshit on that this kid was never scared of anything. Anyway my Uncle being kind hearted helped out another family member and her family he took them in husband, kids and all. Not only did he took them in but help get the kids school clothes even medical check up's, glasses anything them kids needed. To make a long story short the mother of this girl wanted her to move back to the state they came form and used my Uncle being gay as a reason she should move back. Said she shouldn't be there with them kids around my Uncle he would mess with them. Now in the mean time my Uncle fork out God only knows how much money to rent this women a place got her husband a job did all he could for them.

Just to have it throw right back in his face when this stupid bitch took off went back were she came from and started running her white trash mouth. Saying my Uncle was trying to do stuff to her kids. Now this is where my other cousin came in and said my Uncle did shit 15 years ago in front of him. My Mom with ape crazy of the family over this and I have also (I also was told to keep my fag ass in Georgia) of course that went over well with my Mom she was ready to drive up there and kick some ass and take names. See my cousin is a druggie and is in rehab now a rehab.

My cousin is now saying the reason he became a drug head is because of my Uncle. Saying he never got over what my Uncle did. Now for the record this boy never said my Uncle touch him just claims my Uncle did something in front of him. My Uncle took a lie test to prove that he didn't do anything and that he has never touched any kid. He passed it of course but that didn't satisfied the family because he is gay he is guilty. Now my cousin is in this rehab and now he's using this as an excuse for him being a crack head. Not the fact that he was raised around drugs hell his dad is a pot head and his mom is an pill poppin alcoholic. No that don't have anything to do with it.

See the problem that I have with all this is my Uncle. He is such a good person to a fault. He want's so much for his family to like him and they haven't and they won't other than my Mom. They use him and then turn around and hurt him. They could right now and ask him to pay there electric bill and he would. I get so mad cause all they do is hurt him like now call him and tell him he is the fault my cousin is a crack head call my Uncle everything but a white man. Say there gonna take him to court for what he did (nothing and the proof is there) but still it has my Uncle so depressed that he wants to disappear. Said if they took him to court guilty or not he would be guilty in the public's eye. That his business could fail he's neighbors would look at him different. Sad part is he is right being gay myself I understand him and the public. I just feel so bad for him right now and see the look on his face. Fucking family I hate them we can't pick our family but we don't have to like them.

On to something really cool. Craig from sent me an email asking me if I could help passing the word about digital harassment. Being harassed by texting or on Facebook or Myspace is not cool. Craig and his group has came up with a way to help. Check there site out. Also Craig told me they have a contest going on Callout Card Contest. Here is the deal Craig told me he would give 2 of my readers who create a Callout Card a free That's Not Cool T-shirt. All you have to do is create a Callout Card and tell Craig you came from Ryan's Life Blog and be one of the first 2 to do so and he will send you a shirt. Make sure to check out the site and book mark it never know when you might need it! Later!
8 Responses
  1. naturgesetz Says:

    What those people are doing to your uncle is diabolical. By now your cousin may even have convinced himself that his lies are true. If they were Christians, or think they are, it would be possible to tell them that Jesus does not approve of spreading stories that way, that he wants them to love everyone.

    But the only advice I can give is that your uncle had better get a good lawyer to advise him how to deal with the threat of legal action.

  2. elise Says:

    Oh, Ryan---it upsets me so much when "family" members treat one of their relatives so horribly. I wish I could say that no one in my family has ever acted that way, but it wouldn't be true.

    Don't these people know what a blessing it is to have a family? I'm not saying that you should be best friends with every one of your relatives, but why go the other extreme and choose to be mean and nasty? I don't know how these people sleep at night.

    Your Uncle sounds like an awesome guy, and I would be so proud to call him a family member!

    Extra hugs for your Uncle today...

  3. This is apalling and yet so typical of people who need to blame their own failure on somebody else. Someone like your Uncle is always going to be a handy excuse because everybody knows that gay = pedo right? The awful thing is that society is just so ready and willing to support the accusations.

    I have to agree with Naturgesetz on one thing though, your Uncle really should talk to a lawyer sooner rather than later.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Honey...I'm with your mom on this
    one...I'll help her kick some ass
    and take names...Your Uncle is an
    AWESOME man...Doing all he does
    for others...

    Glad y'all had a good time...Sorry
    that you know who wasn't there...
    He really was with me :) I know...
    I can wish ya know...LOL!

    Y'all take it easy and give your
    mom and uncle a hug from me!



  5. jimm Says:

    Well Ryan, writing these ppl off seems to be the only option. But it was really their own doing, not your 'close families' doing.

    I don't think your uncle has anything to worry about. These sound like empty threats and excuses.

    If I were you, I'd do something special to show your appreciation for your uncle. He sounds like a real swell guy!

  6. ittyK Says:

    Thats crazy man. I hate how even a family will turn on their brother, son, uncle, whatever, just because he's gay. Especially after he would help them so much and show so much kindness to them. I'm really sorry he has to go through that kind of shit! :( I hope it gets better!

  7. Octavius Says:

    That really does suck mate. I mean what the hell? The guy goes out of his way to sort these people out, and that's the thanks he gets? Sick in my opinion. I can see why you are pissed off mate, I would be too, and I don't even know the guy.

    My only advice here, is to just be the best nephew to him that you can be. He is obviously a pretty decent guy, I just can't fathom the turn around..., you know?

    Hope things work out for him.

    Hugs, Courage and Honour!


    PS: Thanks for the comment you left, you and your brother are never far from my thoughts either. I hope you are both still doing well.

  8. ryan field Says:

    Such a shame, Ryan. I feel bad for your uncle.