Crazy Weekend

My weekend was kinda strange to be honest. Ok lets start out with Tyler coming home on Thursday really good day that was. He is adjusting well he has therapy twice a day the first they come here but the afternoon he goes there. The doctor thought it would be best if he went there so he doesn't get use to them coming to him, and it will also help him in the recovery getting out of the house I agree. Thursday night Mom came home with her nephew she rented a car in West Virginia drove to Kentucky fought with her sister and the rest of the damn family then drove home Georgia that is for those that don't know. I guess from what I found out my aunt told Mom she didn't approve of her helping my cousin. My aunt and here church tried to help the boy but he refused so he was on his own. I'm not sure what to think.

Let me say first thanks for all the emails over this topic. I got a lot and was surprised at your thoughts and advice. Trust me I do read them more than once sometimes just to make sure I'm not missing a good point. I'm still confused with this situation. I want to believe this boy is here cause he has no where else to go. I want to believe there is still good in his heart and just needs to be showed the right way. Still there is a part of me that don't trust him. There is a part of me that thinks its all a decoy and some kind fucked up game that the family is playing. I wished I could explain how these people have hurt me, mom and my uncle so much that I have no faith in them at all. Dad thinks the boy is being honest it's part of his job to read people but there still is a part of me that wonders.

Something I've notice that bother me is his eating. Not that he eats the fact at first he didn't. Mom & Dad when they cook they cook. I guess having growing boys around they just got use to lots of food. I notice like dinner time we all pile in get what we want and go back for more if we want more. He didn't get his food until Mom & Dad got there's first Mom told him to dig in he said after you and if there's enough. Mom said in our house kids eat first always have and always will. She said I know how your parents are and its not like that here. He put just a little on his plate and I'm thinking one of two things he's either still scared too or don't like the food. When everyone was done eating he ask Mom if he could have a little more she explain to him he don't have to ask if you want more get more that's the way it is here. Again please don't paint me as the bad guy here I'm trying but either he had it really bad growing up or it's an act. I'm keeping my eyes open.

Well Kadin had to leave yesterday he went back home to Florida. He used up all the time he could have. He has to work tonight. I promised Tyler I would be here for him and I will. Kadin understands and he can come up on the weekends maybe I can even go down there for a few days. I'm sure now that Tyler is home won't take him long to be back to his old self. Besides Tyler wanting to come down and stay the summer with us so he has a goal to stay on track on getting better. One thing I've learn is how much I love Kadin when he's not around I miss him something bad. Least this will make us stronger I also think it shows how much we do love each other. He called when he got home said it felt strange walking into our home. I know it did I'm sure I'll feel the same when I go home and can't wait to go home. Anyway that's it for today sorry for being so long winded!

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  1. Octavius Says:

    You're not being long winded at all chap. In fact it's good to hear so much from you, you haven't done that lately. As for the cousin, well you could be right, you could be wrong..., only time will tell. But, from what you have said already, I think it is only prudent to be on guard.

    I would recommend that you don't go to overboard, just in case you are wrong though. But, you are a smart kid, I think you'll work him out fairly quickly. And as blinded as your mum and dad are by familial duty, they seem pretty on to it as well, so if there is anything to find, then I just bet that they will eventually.

    As for Ty being home, that alone is great news! And you're right, getting out of the house will be good for him. I know from personal experience just how easy it is to let go and vegetate after that kind deal. Keep pushing him as hard as you feel is right and everything should fall into place.

    I wish I could do more for you both.


  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Obviously your cousin liked the food, or he wouldn't have asked for more. But I don't think that has to mean he's scared. Some people have the idea that they shouldn't take something if somebody else might want it. He'll probably always be like that because it's how he was brought up. So your mom or one of you will probably have to encourage him to have seconds. But of course, he probably won't starve himself.

    I'm glad things continue to go well with Ty, and I hope he'll be recovered enough to go to Florida with you for the summer.

  3. ryan field Says:

    You had a busy weekend. I'm glad Ty is doing so much better. He's a good kid, and lucky to have you as his brother.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I know what you're saying but ya
    gotta look at the place he came
    from...HELLO! He had been brain
    washed and when the only thing you
    know is to be one way it's hard to
    change to the way you know you
    should be...He's tryin...Ya gotta
    remember too that he has had YEARS
    of emotional abuse...He heard all
    the hate and he saw the way you
    and your uncle were being treated
    yet when he finally relized about
    himself no matter how hard he
    tried to hide it he couldn't...

    Emotional scars heal slowly...
    Be there...Just be there...



  5. jimm Says:

    Your cousin, has he broken down emotionally yet? Like crying? It is pretty tough to fake those emotions. It's not the same as a teen putting on an act cuz he can't get his way. This is different.

    You want to see about trust? Share something about yourself with your cousin, some fault or failure or disappointment. Maybe he will open up and do the same.

    If i were in his shoes i'd be scared shitless!!! And he is how old?

  6. I'm glad to hear the news about Ty, Laurie is completely right (of course). Best wishes.