The Wiggles, The Smurfs & Stupid People

I thought everyone in my life or my families life were cool people open minded and very understanding. In the past some people have show there true colors and if it was family I disown them. If it was friends I kick them out of my life. I thought we had good people around us so when one of those people let you down it kinda hurts a little. My parents do what they can to help many people ya'll know that from my post all these years. When it comes to there friends they go the extra mile most of the time. I have to say most there friends are very cool people and I've know them since I was a baby. Some I call Aunt or Uncle that's how long they been in my life.

When one of them need a favor my parents first in line to help. This happen yesterday one of them called yesterday and ask for a favor. This couple I'll call Al & Peg (sorry married with children is on tv right now) Anyway Al called said Peg was in a meeting and couldn't get away and he was stuck at work and ask my parents if they could go pick up there kids from day care and keep an eye on the until one of them could come and get them. My parents more than happy to do this they love kids. Mom went and got the boys ages 3 and 5 I haven't seen them in over a year so was looking forward to seeing them again. When they came in the house was like time never went by they remember me and ran up yelling my name and hugging me.The rest of the afternoon we played with cars, video games roughed house you name it we did it. Mom fix them something to eat I was getting them up to the table and turn on the kitchen TV ask them what they wanted to watch? I was flipping through the channels and stop on the wiggles and the oldest said no turn it Ryan turn it Ryan. I ask him what the wiggles scare you? He said no not allow to watch them they will makes us gay. I had to ask again what did you say he said not allowed to watch the wiggles they will makes us gay. I had to ask who told you that he said daddy. I said your daddy said the wiggles will make you gay? He said yes I ask him did your daddy tell you what gay is? He said no daddy said gay is bad and the wiggles makes little boys gay. I was floored I didn't know what to say or do all I know is I wanted to kick Al's ass.

I think I was about to cry when I felt a hand on my back turn around it was Dad. He said I know how your feeling right now Ryan but please let me handle this. I excuse myself from the kitchen went in the bathroom and cried. Reason it hurt me so bad is I look at Al & Peg as family I looked up to Al like an Uncle he's been in my life since I was a kid and it just hurt like somebody stabbed me right in the back. I went back out and after the boys finish eating I took them out to ride the horses spent as much time as I could with themI knew it would be the last time I seen them. I seen there dad coming up the drive and I started back toward the house with them he was waving and said hey Ryan how you been stuck his hand out to shake mine and I didn't return the shake. He gave me a look Dad was coming out the back door about the same time. I hugged the boys and told them I loved them and I said loud enough so Al heard boys gay is not bad and won't hurt you I'm gay and the wiggles didn't do it to me. I look at Al and said maybe it was the fucking smurfs!I haven't talk with Dad this morning on what happen with him and Al. I know it was a little heated soon as I find out I'll let you know. It's a shame that a grow ass man could be so 2 faced as Al is. Not only 2 faced but stupid also. Think that a TV show would turn his sons gay. He's so stupid that if either of them boys are gay there gay now it just don't happen. What the hell he think you watch the wiggles and then one day you wake up and say I'm gay. Just makes me so mad that people are so fucking stupid on this topic. I feel so sorry for them boys. Them boys are to young to hate but the way Al is going that's what they will grow up to be. I've always said it starts at home how you feel and how your raised. I will always hold the memories of them boys being young and us playing and them laughing having the time of there life before real life hit them and there dad show them how to hate. I don't know what else to say really.

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  1. A Lewis Says:

    It is unfortunate situations like these (they happen in every family, I'm afraid) that mold us, shape us. I hope they make you a better man, Ryan. I hope they don't eat away at you or make you bitter or angry. Nothing is worth that. I'm so sorry for that.

  2. Octavius Says:

    That really is sad fella. It really is a shame, but then life has a habit of breeding assholes sometimes. Hopefully the boys are smart enough to realise their daddy is full of it, when the time comes.


  3. naturgesetz Says:

    That must have hurt like hell.

    It's a shame there are such ignorant people around.


  4. xXxJoshuaxXx Says:

    dude you are my hero!!!!

    HAahah fucking smurfs

  5. ryan field Says:

    So sad. But maybe they won't grow up to hate. A lot of kids tend to do the opposite of what their parents tell them in these cases.

  6. Holy !%$! Batboy. It still comes down to the fact that most people believe you must be MADE gay that you aren't BORN gay. So, parents have to have an excuse; they need a "demon" to point to, because otherwise they would KNOW that their gay/lesbian child was THEIR FAULT. Which, of course, leads us back to ignorance and fear.

  7. jimm Says:

    Ryan, i agree with what your saying. I jus think you could have handled it better. You need to win ppl over with reason, not drive them away. But yeah, Al needs his head examined.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hmmm...Maybe the wiggles turned
    me gay! I like men :) LOL!
    Had to say that...

    You know my feelings...Cause it's
    the same way your mom feels...

    LOVES YOU!!!!


  9. Anonymous Says:

    That made me mad and sad at the same time. You did right Ryan! We love your dad! Be it know, It was Scooby Do that made me gay. Every time they'd yelp or scream like drag queens. Lee