Pass it on Down

Last night I was standing on the beach in Louisiana just looking. I felt so sad just knowing what's out there that's killing so much. Just thinking about the damage it's going to do when it ends up on land somewhere. I'm here like many other to help save what we can looking for animals in trouble and try to save them. Just makes me so sad. There this old guy came up ask me if I was part of the team looking for animals. I said yes he said your good people. He talked with a heavy cajun accent said it's a shame what's going on. I agree with him he said people need to listen to that Alabama sound more and believe in it and pass it on down. I ask what Alabama sound he said its called pass it on down he said listen to it and pass it around. I did listen to it and he is right awesome song we all need to listen and learn from it and pass it on down!

Listen to it

This is what I'm fighting for...
This is what I'm fighting against...

Check out Defenders of Wildlife.
5 Responses
  1. Chris Pitman Says:

    Hey, Glad you made it safely...The song from alabama is great but idk if its best to comes down to that or MJ's Earth Song. Hope you have a safe trip, you know where i stand on this and im there when it gets closer to us (me)


  2. A Lewis Says:

    I guess I didn't know you were going! Wow. What a fantastic life experience.

  3. A Lewis Says:

    PS -- Remember to keep your focus. The animals and helping them. It's easy to get off course and start going down a mental trail that will lead to nowhere in situations like these.

  4. Hope Says:

    You are so nice. Your always thinkning of the good, and wanting the best..I wish there was more guys like you..more people like you..

    I agree with you. Nice song by the way.

    Be safe.


  5. ryan field Says:

    Be careful.