Matthew Shepard Foundation Fundraiser

If you can be there go order your tickets now. If not visit Matthew Shepard Foundation Website and maybe give a little there. Judy does a lot of good and she needs all the love and support we can give her. Check out this video when she was On Ellen it will make you cry.

Have a Good Weekend!
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  1. Anonymous Says:



  2. ryan field Says:

    Can't go, but I'm glad they're doing this.

    (my verification code was "wood" lol )

  3. tman Says:

    Ryan... this is the reason that I go around commenting on various blogs... I grew up in a repressive environment, where hating gay people, adults OR kids was accepted, or even expected... I never came out to my family, because I was so devastated by the unkind things that i heard over the years, all around me... I never allowed the comments to go unchallenged, but, I never reached a point where I wanted to share that huge part of who I am with the same people that considered it a defect... I don't think that they deserve to know, even if they really do... That, may not make sense to some out there, but, I look at it like that... I am a proud and compassionate person, and have always felt, that it is not incumbent on me to 'explain' my sexuality to anyone that doesn't explain their's to me...
    So, I make my voice heard, where I can, and hope that this generation will benefit from the understanding that has come about, after my struggle, and the struggle of so many others... Thanks for the post, kid!! luv, tman<3

  4. ittyK Says:

    This is a song Melissa Ethridge did for Mathew Shepard. I cry every time I hear it. It truly sickens me that people would do this to people just because of love.... I'm not going to even start because once I get on a tangent about this I can never stop but I fucking HATE people who use religion as an excuse to do this shit.... I love you! RIP Matt!