High School Strips Transgendered Homecoming King of Title

Check out this story tell me what you think is the school right or wrong? Personally I think Oak was voted by the students then he should be allowed to keep the title. He may have been born a girl but he has male feelings he was just placed in the wrong body. So to me and many others at his school Oak is the King.

Your thoughts?


Imagine being voted Homecoming King, then having your high school unceremoniously rescind the honor. That's exactly what happened to 17-year-old Oakley (nicknamed Oak) Reed, left, a senior at Mona Shores High School in Muskegon, Mich.

The problem with him wearing the crown? Reed is a transgendered student who is still female.

This was hardly a secret to his school, where, as he told Wood TV, teachers openly refer to him as "him," and he will wear a male robe and cap at graduation.

It was only after Reed posted "Vote for me for Homecoming King" on his Facebook page -- and his fellow students decided he deserved the title -- that he was summoned to the principal's office, where he was informed he couldn't fulfill his King-ly duties because he was a girl.

Translation: Any form of gender-bending will not be tolerated in the halls of Mona Shores.

Thankfully, his fellow students have rallied, creating a Facebook group, Oak is my King, where they've posted the protest below and created specially designed T-shirts in support of Reed and transgendered rights, which they plan to wear in solidarity on Oct. 1.

While this isn't the first time a high school has used a big dance-y dance to throw the rule book at a gay or transgendered teen, we hope it will be the last. It's kind of depressing when the student body seems more enlightened than the adults in the faculty.

High School Strips Transgendered Homecoming King of Title
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7 Responses
  1. Mike Russell Says:

    He's the homecoming king. The students voted for him, and the school had no business overturning it.

    Trans folks deal with enough cruelty and bullying without schools making it worse. I'm proud of the students for standing up for him. Here's hoping the next generation is smarter than mine has been.

  2. good story ryan, i was reading the various reports on this just thinking to myself who gives a fuck. the students voted, its their dance let them do what they want with it. where mike feels pride for the students, i can not help but feel deep shame for the adults. this boy has wandered the halls of this school for 4 years and now because of a check box on a form all hell breaks loose makes no sense i also hope the following generations get it right

  3. Konrad Says:

    I think thats completely wrong for the school to be so closed minded that they will not let someone that was publicly elected respresent them. People that are GLBT should have just as many rights as the regular student population. Stories like these make me upset because they should be getting more support, not less, for being ok with going outside of gender norms.

  4. surakmn Says:

    He lives as a male and was elected King by his peers in a fair election. The school has no defensible reason to strip him of the title. He was cheated, as were his classmates whose selection was overruled. I'm glad to see the students pushing back and would hope the slot stands vacant if its rightful recipient isn't permitted.

  5. jimm Says:

    Pretty kool kids, really! Someone must've taught them diversity. But who? Michigan?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I'm proud of each and every one
    of those students who stood up
    for Oak...No matter if he is still
    a 'she' HE has been a HE to every
    one HE knows...



  7. Anonymous Says:

    you are so right on. No one should Die or even feel hurt for doing what life sends down their way. Dr. McKinnsey profiles from decades ago proved that less then 10% of the population had NOT had a gay (homosexual) experience. It all on how they responded to that experiance that set the course of there lives. The bullies are the ones that everybody rejected and to feel popular now means they must bash someone else for what they wish they could be a part of. In other words they are in denial.