Phone Drama

As the cell phone war turns ok sorry but this is starting to be funny to me. What's with dads anyway they have to act like there in charge all the time even when they live in another state or does my dad just like fighting with me. Ok here's the story yall know about the crazy phone bill dad got from Tyler and me right check the post out below a couple post ago to get all the details. Well mom has the new number I still haven't got my phone yet so she calls Tyler's when she needs me so last night dad called and of course Tyler thought it was mom and when he said hello it was dad and he was already mad before he even spoke.

Well Tyler didn't want to deal with it so he gave the phone to me and dad was pissed cause we didn't call him and give him the new numbers. I had to say I didn't want to call you and run up your phone bill again. Course that didn't go down good and we had words again what is the deal really with dad's? Me and him never did get along when I was growing up it wasn't the gay thing cause dad supports gay rights and all that and will knock the shit out of someone for talking down to be cause of me being gay. We just bump heads always have he said its cause mom spoiled me and would let me get away with anything. (somewhat true)

But still I moved away from home and we still fight. Like when he comes down here he doesn't like the way the yard is cut he doesn't like the way the trees and hedges are trimmed. He doesn't like the way the patio is set up or the garage being messy. It's like it's always something he's never happen at anything I do. I tell this is my house and I like it the way it is and of course I hear well we bought it for you and I have to say there is no we MOM bought it for me ok! That always ends up nasty. Then there is Tyler we have fought over Tyler like forever yeah he is the dad but I am the brother and have protected him.

Maybe I have made Tyler a brat but it's ok that was my job and now he's staying with me and driving me crazy but I wouldn't trade it for anything. He still think's he can parent from Georgia and I am like Tyler is my problem now so back off and course that ends up in fight. I don't know I think the man is going through something maybe the change of life or something I don't know maybe it's a British thing all I do know is the man gets on my freaken nerves and I'm so over it. So pops if you read this take it easy ok it's my life and Tyler's my problem now and if we need you I'll let you know ok love ya!


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2 Responses
  1. jimm Says:

    maybe he acts that way cuz he cares about you.

  2. elise Says:

    Hey Ryan---Welcome back! I know you and your dad will get on a better path, because you love each other, and you know how precious family is.

    And of couse I will wear purple on the 20th and tell everyone I know....we need to keep this issue on peoples' minds and keep talking......and hopefully help people understand that even so-called "innocent" teasing of gay youth can have horrible consequences!

    big hugs to you sweetie!