I just wanted to give ya'll a quick update on Ryan. They have him in a special germ free type room until he can get his immune system up. He was freaking out a little because he thought they were going to put a tube down his throat and he wasn't happy about that. They got his sugar levels up where they are suppose to be now. Kadin and my dad are with him right now. Yes my dad came down when he found out Ryan. Ryan didn't even argue with him about it but it is a little awkward. Not much more to tell at this point. It just sucks cause we can't physically touch him but at least we can be there. I will copy all your comments and read them to him tonight when I go back, I know it will make him happy.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the update Tyler....
    Ryan , let your body heal. get all the rest you need . We are ALL praying for you buddy and want you to have a speedy recovery .........Get well soon as we all miss you !! *hugs & kisses* Jon

  2. Dakota Says:


    Thank you for the update, I was a little worried and last time I talked to him he was telling me this might happen. Tell him I miss him and if I could I would come and visit him. Also that I am thinking about him and hoping he gets better.

    Hugs and kisses,


  3. ryan field Says:

    Thanks for the update, Ty. Sounds like he's doing better today.

    Right now he needs to be spoiled and babied :)

    Tell him I'm thinking about him.

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    Thanks for the update. I"m glad there's some progress.

  5. A Lewis Says:

    Dig that update. AGAIN, please give him my love...specifically. Thanks Tyler.

  6. Reddecatur Says:

    Thanks Ty...glad to hear he's moving in the right direction. Hugs & Kisses for Ryan.

  7. jimm Says:

    Can't touch him? Poor nurses!

    Don't stop believing, Ryan. Afterall, you're a superstar. And thanks Ty(superstar-in-waiting).

    jimm R8N

  8. Chuck Says:

    Thanks Ty! Get well soon, Ryan!

  9. Bret Says:

    Thanks Ty.

    I am glad he is getting better and tell him hi for me.

    Tie him to the bed if you have to make him rest...lol

  10. elise Says:

    Oh,Ryan......I know you are so sick of being sick, but keep on fighting, ok?
    Sending you lots of love and Speedy Recovery wishes......

  11. Hey sweetie,

    Was checking back to see if you'd responded to my comment a few days ago and found you are in the hospital. :( That's not fun, I know...I've had to stay there with each of the girls 3 times so far and it's SO boring! (They both have asthma now, btw.)

    Get better soon honey...This is life's way of telling you to slow it down and rest. I can't find you on FB and saw you were having issues with them. Please find me on there if you decide you want to. I have your blog bookmarked and will check in on you to see how you are doing. Love you!

    Thanks, Tyler, for the updates!

  12. Cheeky Says:

    Prayers to you my friend. I hope you get to feeling better and are able to go home soon.

  13. Gay Star Says:

    My love and thoughts are with you


  14. surakmn Says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Kudos for your brother keeping your friends in the loop.

    You are missed more than you probably know. Your blog posts, Facebook updates, etc. are always a bright spot in the day for many people.

    We worry about you and are happy to hear you are being taken care of. Being in the hospital sucks, but don't push so hard you slow your own recovery. Give yourself time to heal. You're in all our thoughts and prayers.


  15. James Says:


    My heart goes out to you. this time let your family take care of you! You are such a caring person, but you can not care for us until we can care for you and get YOU back to 99.9% healthy (Hey NOBODY is perfect)
    I am sending Virtual GERM Free Flowers... Beautiful Yellow Roses a roomful!
    take solace in knowing there are a lot of us out here thinking of you, hoping and even praying for a speedy recovery.

    I think you are are in good hands. ( but if you are not sure let me know... I will make the drive down and smack them into shape)

    Wishing you well...
    Your "Friend" James :)

    Tyler, Thanks for being our eyes and ears... when you can touch him.. Hug him tightly for all of us.

  16. Hey Tyler,

    Thanks for keeping up updated, Please let Ryan this is MJ from facebook he will know me! Tell him my book is finally being sold, and has promised he will get a copy just need to get the address, but I can wait for a few until we can talk again.

    Please know I'm in pray for him and your family. We have been FB friends for sometime!

    Love and Hugs!


  17. Thanks Tyler, so it seems, it's a bit better with him, reliefing.
    I still think about him.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Tell him Momma loves him!!!!!!
    Give a call when you get
    a chance and fill me in
    on how he is doing :)

    LOVES Y'ALL!!!!!!!!


  19. Casey Allen Says:

    Thank you so much Tyler for the update. Ryan, I miss talkin to you man. I can't wait till ur all better and we can cpomplain about how much we hate hospitals together :) (I just had to have a surgery in case you forgot). I miss you and I hope you get better very very soon. Luv ya bro :)

  20. ryan field Says:

    How's he doing now? I'll keep checking for updates.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Tyler, wow it seems like you two have come full circle now.... I'm glad to hear Ryan is doing better (and you too!). Please give him my best and let him know we're all pulling for him to make a full and speedy recovery.

    AZ Denny (the MX guy)