Dude Where is Your Cell Phone

Wow Christmas is over with and a New Year right in front of us. There is some changes coming for ahead for me and my family I see them and will deal with them as they come. I see me finally having to be an adult and do adult things as much as I'm going to hate it. I also know I'm going to have to change the way I live and somehow teach Tyler how that works also but I think he may have got it cause we talked over the weekend and he wants to look for a part time job to help so maybe he gets it better than me.

We had a good Christmas it's mainly about Tyler and my sister. Yeah I have a sister for those that don't know I don't talk about her much on her because of her age and her privacy. I didn't talk about Tyler much until he decided he wanted to blog he had his own blog for a while and decided he didn't like it much. But that open up me talking about him more openly on here. But all in all we had a good Christmas Mom & Dad was here with us but not at the same time I think they did run into each other once but they were nice to each other.

I got some clothes and gift cards yeah I know me getting clothes funny right? The boy who is naked most the time. But I needed some for work that's what I ask for so it was all good. I need to make a statement here cause people don't seem to get it or understand it. I do not have a cell phone! I use to I didn't pay the bill dad did but he told us if we wanted one we had to pay for it and I was like fine we wont have one. Well Tyler went 3 days without then started bitching so I went and got him one.

I was going to get me one but the one I wanted they didn't have in stock said it would be 3 weeks before they got it in well it was over a month and when they called I told them sell it to someone else I changed my mind. I went a month without a cell phone and it didn't bother like I thought it would now its been almost 4 months and still don't miss it. If I need to make a call or something I use Tyler's of Kadin's I made it crystal clear to everyone I didn't want a phone for Christmas if I got one I would take it back.

I understand that cell phones are good thing to have sometimes. I was married to mine that I find now was a bad thing. I sit and watch Tyler with his and when we go out to eat hell a family can't sit and talk to each other because they are on there cell phones texting or facebooking or looking at websites. That was me I was just as bad as the rest or the people but now I cut the stings I'm good and don't miss it. So for those that ask and then think I'm crazy I don't have a cell phone so no need to ask for the digits and if I did I wouldn't text you anyway I hate that more than anything!

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  1. Bimbo147 Says:

    Hey sweet blog ^.^

  2. ryan field Says:

    I have a cell, but can't get reception where I live...lol. I can get it a mile away, but not on my own property. And being that I work on the computer all day long the last thing I want is a cell phone with internet access and a texting plan. It's only for emergencies with me.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Same here with me. I've got a cell phone and it's STRICTLY for emergency's when I'm out in my car or truck (lioke for break down's on a road trip to the keys or worse, an accident). I cant be bothered to walk around with that stupid thing attached to me ear ALL DAY like many people do.... I've got my house phone if I need to call someone.
    Great blog buddy !! Glad to hear you all had a great Christmas !!! Jon Winship

  4. Anonymous Says:

    How we should all start the year:

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