It's a Bitch

Depression is a bitch been dealing with it all my life it seems never know when it's gonna hit or how bad it's gonna be. I take medication to balance out my system but sometimes it don't work. Yesterday I was watching Oprah she had on soap stars on and I'm big into General Hospital I was hoping she was gonna say something about bring back As the World Turns on here OWN network but nothing.Anyway I was just sitting there watching and I had that feeling come over me and I was just sad for no reason and time Kadin got home it was real bad. Kadin does what he does and made me feel better. I just hate it don't know what triggers it and I wish it would just go away and never come back. I don't understand why I have to have all these issues I mean I don't mind carrying a little but damn everything yeah gets old!
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  1. ryan field Says:

    I saw part of that Oprah show, too. I never knew Luke had an affair with Liz Taylor. And for a couple of years. I was in shock.

    Hope you're feeling better today, though. Depression is hard.

  2. auburngonzo Says:

    I count my blessings every time I hear about someone with depression. You have a great support group Ryan, both in person and online.

  3. Eric in Maryland Says:

    Ryan...I have some of the same issues. I have never taken medication but when the depression hits it can be a bear. I try to do things I like and keep busy and surround myself with friends and family (not all family obviously) who support me and are upbeat. It never helps to be alone at that time and I have a fairly strong support network. I hope you do too! Hugs babe!


  4. naturgesetz Says:

    It's good that you have people in your life who truly care about you, especially Kadin; and it's good that you have medication that can at least help much of the time.

    All I can say is thank God for all that is good in your life, and hang in there.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    I don't know why you don't
    call on me...I'm always
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    shoulders can handle the

    I LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!