Brain Damage People

I posted on my facebook page today that the older I get the more and more I can see the truth in what my dad use to say. See back then I knew it all so I thought he was just full of it. Now I have loss some of know it all attitude I see he knew more than I did. He use to tell me people had brain damage not sure when they get but they do and sometimes it happens all at once he said I'm finding this out.

This story I just don't understand at all and all I can think of is brain damage people. Click on it read it trust me it just mind blowing and it's hard for me to wrap my mind around this.

Teen's Body Stuffed In Sleeping Bag, Burned

Check out this link also has a little more info about this

Seath Tyler Jackson Murder Photos

I'm also starting to believe in the old west what I mean is the way they use to handle brain damage people back then. If you were guilty they handle it right in the town square. I'm thinking if we went back to that then maybe just maybe people would think a little more. This case is a good place to start if you ask me grab some rope find nice oak tree and brain damage people no more!

Speaking of brain damage I think maybe Tyler has some I'm not sure I don't understand this kickboxing stuff he is doing. What's the point of getting up there fighting another guy for no reason at all. Then there is this dance thing he's going to Friday night Kadin took him out and got him a nice tux and all but he has changed who he is taking 2 times now again I think he may have some brain damage all he says to me when I ask he said it's not me it's my other head changing his mind all the time. Help me!

2 Responses
  1. Bret Says:

    i dont get the kickboxing thing either. I worry about the shots to the head also. I think it is hard to tell when a person has had too many shots to the head. I think at times we all get a little out of it and that just goes with our personalities.

    I hope he has a great time this weekend.

    Take care of yourself also!

  2. ryan field Says:

    I agree with your Dad about brain damage. I see things sometimes that just leave me shaking my head and wondering

    But I love kickboxing. I don't do it. But love the skills and the mind control. It's so much more than what it appears to be. And I think it's great Tyler's doing this.