Brotherly Love

I been on like a roller coaster this week when it comes to my emotions. Not sure what brings it on but something does. A few days ago a felt the need to write about my love for Kadin. Today I feel like writing about the love for my brother Tyler. I know a lot of brothers don't always see eye to eye and most I don't think are like friends until later in life. But with me and Tyler its been different and I like the fact we are so close. Most of you know Tyler had a bad motorcycle wreck he was into motorcross and it was touch and go for a while and it almost made me had a break down. But moving on he came through ok and after the wreck and after he came home from the hospital he wanted to move down here with me and Kadin.

I was very happy he wanted to move in with us and after talking to mom & dad we went and brought him down here. Of course we had to sit down some ground rules and for the most part he has went along with them. He has sometime walked that thin line but what teenager hasn't right? I knew me and Kadin would might never have kids and this would be as close as we might get to it. Tyler and Kadin get along great there into the video games and such and spend hours playing them. I guess what I'm trying to say is I love my brother and I'm so glad he is with us and I know he will be 18 soon I told him I wasn't looking forward to the day he would move out. He told me not to worry he would be living with us until he was at least 30 funny thing is I wouldn't mind it at all. He is a good kid and I very happy to have him as a brother I love you Tyler!

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  1. Cheeky Says:

    Oh I love that! Tyler is very lucky to have a brother like you!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Right on, Ryan.... I'm so glad everyone is getting along, especially after all the drama of his accident. Please tell him I said hi! Is he riding again, or does he have any plans to do so?
    AZ Denny

  3. jaygeemmm Says:

    VERY COOL POST! I wasn't that close to my brothers, I guess our age difference and the fact I was out of the house by the time they were old enough to be "cool" made a difference.

    It's so great that you guys are friends like you are. He's a lucky guy, and so are you to share that tight bond.

    Thanks for another great post!
    Peace <3

  4. naturgesetz Says:

    You're both very blessed to have each other.

  5. ryan field Says:

    Glad Tyler's happy with you. He's a nice kid!!

  6. James Says:

    Some of your posts, make me cry... this one def. did!

    Glad to see the LOVE!


  7. jaygeemmm Says:

    I also wanted to say:
    What a grand opportunity for you and Kadin! It's not often you get to "parent" a kid, unless you make one yourself. The whole idea of ground rules and him pushing those limits is so much a part of a family unit, whether those involved are 17, 23 and ?? or newborn, 30 and 31...or any other age.

    You and Kadin are to be commended for taking on the responsibility for a teenager. Even if he is your brother. And he is to be commended for accepting your authority, even if he pushes it at times.

    I've had two teens, so I know what it's like. Kudos, both of you.

    Peace <3

  8. elise Says:

    All 3 of you are very special guys, and blessed to have each other.

    Hey all you homohaters: This is called LOVE & FAMILY!!!!!!

  9. I *wish* I was closer with my brothers. They both seem thick as thieves with each other and don't really talk to me at all. They are older, but they were always thick like that even when we were kids.

    I'm glad that you have that kind of relationship with Tyler. You are VERY lucky indeed. :)