The 60's

This pass weekend I watched this documentary on the 60's and 70's I have to admit I've done some reading on them times and thought man glad I didn't grow up in them times. Never really gave it much thought until I see these documentaries they were way better than any book I read about them decades. I never realized home many things happen then that change the way we are today.

First off the music was awesome and it meant something nothing like the crap today. I think that's the main reason I listen to country and not the new country I don't care for it much but that's a different story. The music in the 60's had meaning and stood for something and I have to be honest was just fucking awesome!

I mean you had Woodstock at the end of the 60's and people just being themselves and enjoying the music and the freedom and the open nudity there was awesome wish I could have been there for that who wouldn't want to be there for 3 days of music and peace. There was so many great musicians in the 60's my favorite I would say was The Animals.

I remember when I was a little boy going through my parents albums and coming across The Animals and seeing there lead singer and I was in love wow what a cutie. When I watch some of there videos I was like wow I bet he was at the top of the gay boys of the 60's list. I bet there was a lot of wanking to him. I know there was other cute guys back them but he would have been my pick!

Then of course you had all the political and social movements the anti-war movement, the rise of feminism, the hispanic movement, african american civil rights movement all good cause but the one most important to me would have been The Gay Rights Movement. Can you believe by law gays weren't allowed congregate together and places were raided on a regular basis and gay people were arrested.

Thank God on a June night in 1969 LGBT people said enough was enough and stood up for there rights. This was the first time the community protested openly in the streets and this was know as the Stonewall Riots. Thanks to our LGBT community back then for standing up so every June we can have our Gay Pride events just remember what happen there in the 60's that lets us be who we are today. Would have loved to stand there with you!

So to those who grew up in the 60's cherish it looks like it was a blast with a lot of happy with a little sad. A lot of flower power a lot of love and some great music, movies, tv shows it was your time and you did a great job to pass it along to us. I just hope some day I can look back at my decade and say damn we did some good to help people and made some changes that made a difference!

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  1. Uncle Gerry Says:

    You are so right, they were awesome, I know I was there, he he. I could tell you some stories....

  2. Ric/Teddytoy Says:

    Ryan.. having been a teen in the 60's life was very different than it is today. Being a gay kid in a mid-west industrial town was not easy. There was no where to turn for information or help...people just didn't mention the fact. Families called you a confirmed bachelor .. never a gay person. Women were Athletic or teachers. My Parents thought gay was a man in a dress and were shocked to find that I never wore one when I visited them.
    There was a lot of turmoil then as well. I saw a president and his brother both shot as well as a pope shot. Rioting was going on in many cities. People were fed up with the 'status quo' ... The OWS is very similar to what was happening then.
    If you weren't a white middle class str8 man you were a sub-class. People who were different in any way you were either bullied, harassed, or arrested.
    You never saw a 'queeny' acting guy ... that would never happen. You could be arrested or shot for kissing or holding hands with another guy. The few gay bars that tried to exist were very secretive. you had to sign statements that you weren't a cop or involved in any way with any anti-gay group. Even then bars were raided frequently and everyone would end up in jail. The were a fag.
    There were a lot of good times too... there was no such thing as HIV or AIDS ... sex was more open and wild. ... when the police eased up ... It was not uncommon to see or have sex in most bars. It was usually in the back room or under the table but it happened a lot.
    The protests and marches led to what is now Gay Pride marches. A church was founded just for gays MCC. It grew to a world wide organization. Today it's still around but not as well known.

  3. Jay Ross Says:

    In the spring of 1961, while serving in the army, I accepted being gay, but continued to hide it until discharged that September. I didn't announce it, but started looking for another gay person. Living in a sub of Detroit, I figured there had to be a place to meet other gays. Finally a guy from work who lived in the same apartment complex, asked to borrow my car. When he returned the car I invited him to dinner. As a result I went with him to a bar. The bars were scary ang you parked in dark parking lots and entered thru the back door.

    Once inside he introduced me to the waitresses and I was told not to talk to anyone unless they said it was okay. The police were out to entrap anyone. They'd send in hot hunks to try to get you. In the eary 70's things started to get better. But even before that,we had fun. Life has moved so far forward forward and keeps getting better.

  4. Doug Says:

    Being born in 1961 I grew up during those times. I remember seeing Woodstock on TV and wish I could have been there. From what I have heard over the years, there was a lot of pot smoking, and nudity going on.

    There were a lot of people protesting the war. People burned their draft cards. Some went to Canada to avoid being drafted and sent to Vietnam.

    Then there was the Kent state thing where the national guard started firing at the protesting students and four of them were killed.

    Women were becoming more independent. They burned their bras.

    The music was so awesome back then. Jimi Hendryx, Bob Dylan, and so many more great artists. Their songs all meant something special.

    Those were really great times.

  5. Jay M. Says:

    Nice post, Ryan. I grew up in the 70's, I guess you'd say - at least sexually. It was definitely different. But by the late 70's, at least you could go to a gay bar and pretty much be left alone.

    I love the music from back then, and have several thousand songs and albums from the era, that we now call "classic rock" - heck, it was just rock n' roll to me!

    Peace <3

  6. jimm Says:

    My fav was The Doors with Jim Morrison, and The Band with Robbie Robertson!

    In the 60's was the Moon landing. And it was live TV!!!

  7. ryan field Says:

    I always wished I'd been around back then, too. It seemed so exciting.

  8. elise Says:

    I remember being so jealous of my older cousins, because they got to actually experience the 60's as teenagers---cutting school to go on protest marches, sneaking in to awesome concerts---sex, drugs & rock 'n roll!

    I could only watch on tv, and listen to their stories. But I was a teen in the 70's, and the music was amazing, and I got very involved in the anti-war and women's rights movements.

    I started to really learn about equal rights and civil rights, and under the guidance of left-wing, liberal parents, I really solidified my belief system.

    Although I didn't have out-of-the-closet gay friends until college, I feel that my passion for gay rights was a natural progression from those earlier days of learning about and fighting for the rights of other minorities.

    The 60's, and especially the 70's, turned out to be incredibly important in helping to shape the person I am today!

  9. P Says:

    I've seen the Woodstock dvd many times (it was a little before my time even) and Joe Cocker doing 'with a little help from my friends' is imprinted indelibly on my mind.

    Music then was far more lyrical and almost every day to day situation you could find a song to mirror those private thoughts of your own.

    One thing I don't understand though is how those advocates of free-love and world peace managed to breed the the intolerant egotistical arseholes that are so prevalent among the youth of today.

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