Memorial Weekend

Sorry still not in the blogging mood like I used to be and facebook well I'm still out on that not sure if I want a new one or not. Maybe just take some more time away from all the social media stuff and when it feels right again I will start up blogging again on a regular basis and start a new facebook.

I'm going away this weekend with some friends they rented a cabin in the woods and invited me and Riley. I did have plans to stay at the sawmill but them plans weren't mine and I didn't rent the cabin so I'm sure it will be used by someone else. All I know is I want a nice weekend away from everything I think it will do me good.

I'm still planning on a trip over to England maybe in late June or July. All I know is I want all of you to have a wonderful and fun, safe Memorial Weekend. Take all your problems and put them away for the weekend they will be there again on Tuesday just don't take them into the weekend and have a good time! I'm sure I will be tweeting some so if you don't follow me on there you should!


6 Responses
  1. ryan field Says:

    Glad you posted something. I've been thinking about you.

    Have fun this weekend and be safe.

    Wish I could go to England with you!!

  2. naturgesetz Says:

    Enjoy the weekend. I'm sure you'll give a thought to what it's all about — honoring all who gave their lives in defense of our country.

  3. lauradeth Says:

    You should all come to England and live with me - just sayin' ;)

    Hope you have a good weekend too!


  4. elise Says:

    My dear Ryan---Have a calm, safe and enjoyable weekend! mellow hugz.......

  5. ryan field Says:

    For some reason you popped into my head and I figured I'd stop by. Hope ur having a good weekend.

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