My Number 1 Question

I keep getting emails asking me who I am supporting for President. I think it's clear on my facebook and twitter posts who I am supporting. Before I say I would like to say this don't pick who your voting for because of me or anyone else for for who you think is right for you. Never pick cause someone says vote for this guy check the facts see if they stand for some of the issues you stand for and vote with your heart.

Now people say your gay so you have to vote for Obama um no I don't. See I was raised with a spilt family my dad is a republican my mom is a democrat neither will go outside there party. Me I like to vote with who I think is going to do the best for the country the people and who will best look at the gay community with understand and not try to put everyone back in the closet.

I'm voting for Obama this is way I feel he is the less of two evils no I'm not 100% liking everything that Obama has done but when I look at things that Romney has done and where he wants to take this country it scares me. I think of the last four years of Bush and think Romney will have us back in that sinking boat again and we just can't go there again.

Romney also to me is scary to look at looks like he has had so much plastic surgery done looks like Joan Rivers older brother! Really there is many things I could go about him but I want you all to look into yourself I just don't trust him and he's a mormon that also scares me I know how they feel about gays and I just can't see us moving forward if he is running the country.

So I'm voting for Barack Obama yes that's what I said!

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  2. I agree with your decision 100% Obama is the lesser of two you i don't really agree with all that Obama has done,but many do not believe equality is not a major issue in this election it is to an extent..Yes the economy is more of an issue than equality.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing that so many people care about your vote!

    I guess I'll be voting Democrat, because I can't stand the thought of Romney in the White House and what that would mean to LGBT rights, etc. But I am also not sure that Obama has all the answers our country needs right now. I tend to be pretty far left socially, and more to the right fiscally, and as you say, what's a moderate to do? Vote Democratic so at least if the country goes bankrupt, we'll do it with the right to get married to who we want to...

    Peace <3

  4. ryan field Says:

    I just don't talk about politics I've seen too many people arguing this past year and I don't get that. If you told me you were voting for Romney I would still love you. If you told me you were voting for Obama I would still love you.

  5. FOGGY Says:

    Constitutionally, the only power the President has is two-fold:
    1.) - the "bully pulpit", and
    2.) - the "Veto"

    Even as "commander-in-chief" of the armed forces, his abilities to utilize the military are severely limited through the necessity of Congressional approval.

    It is congress (IMO) that swings the "big stick" when it comes to true "power", for they are the only body of government who can legislate the laws of the land. When a presidential candidate says "I'm going to repeal (insert law here) on day one of my presidency", he is full of 'stuff'.

    Only through "gaming the system" can the President weild something akin to dictatorial powers. George W. Bush was very good at doing this. I believe Romney would be as well.

    The key to "total control" would be to elect a Democratic majority in the House, and a "filabuster-proof" Senate. But being Democrats, we have this tendancy to NOT walk in "lockstep unity"; therefore, the term "Blue Dog Democrat" has evolved - Democrat In Name Only (DINO).

    In my opinion, for all the crap that Obama had to put up with from the "Blue Dogs" to the Tea Baggers", he got quite a bit of landmark stuff done; in spite of Mitch McConnel's "pledge" to make Obama a "one-term President".

    "BZ"............ "FOGGY" <3

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Amen! Thank goodness you saw through Romnesia's bullshit. lol

    beau paramour :)