I'm Thankful

A little Thankgiving post there are many things in my life I'm thankful for. Like my family, my boyfriend, and my friends. I've grown so much from the day I started blogging many years ago so of you have been here since the start and I thank you for that some of you are new and I'm thankful for you come to check my blog out. I know some don't agree with everything I do and that's okay we can't always agree on everything but when we don't we can agree to disagree without hating each other and I'm thankful for that.

So on this Thanksgiving Day I'm thankful for all of you and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Love & Peace!
4 Responses
  1. mary gresham Says:

    I'm thankful to Ryan Field for introducing me to you through his own blog, without him, we would have never met or become friends. I've said before, you're really more family than friend at this point. Ivery been thru all of your ups and downs, hospital stays and all the rest and each day I look forward to seeing what you've posted each day, both on twitter and Facebook. Over four years have gone by since I first read your blog and I've basically watched you grow up and become the wonderful man you are today.
    And you're right, while I don't always agree with you, it's okay, because I still value your opinion.
    Ryan, you have become one of my closest friends and for that, I'm so very thankful.
    I hope you and Riley have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't do anything I wouldn't do tonight, lol. Love you

  2. lauradeth Says:

    I'm thankful that I saw your blog by random chance and that you opt to share some of your life with us. You are a wonderful person, with a spirited, kind heart. Happy Thanksgiving! xx

  3. Teddytoy Says:

    Ryan.. I always have enjoyed your blog and your FB comments and friendship. If everyone agreed on everything .. this would be a very boring life.
    Joshhy is keeping me busy as always.. as is Buddy our puppy. Our Thanksgiving has been good.. I hope yours has as well.
    Thanks for being a friend!

  4. Jay M. Says:

    I am very thankful to have made your acquaintance here in the blogworld. We don't have to agree all the time, but hey, we're all different! Be thankful for that! Happy Thanksgiving, Ryan!

    Peace <3