My Thoughts on Ferguson

After my posts on Facebook and Twitter I said I would do a post on my thoughts and feelings on Ferguson. I'm not asking people to see it like I do everyone has there own thoughts and that's fine this is mine. Everyone is free to comment on this post I enjoy to see how you feel on this topic. 

My feeling is this I feel the grand jury got it right by not bringing criminal charges on this officer for doing his job. First of all I'm sick on the media calling Michael Brown an unarmed teenager they make him sound like a week little 13 year old kid. When he wasn't he was an 18 year old man that was over 6 foot tall and 300 pounds so calling him an unarmed teenager to make him sound like a victim is bullshit! 

Next he robbed a store and acted like a thug to the owner of the store when the store owner confronted him. If he was this little unarmed teenager as the media keeps saying he should have had his ass at home instead of stealing cigars and fronted on a store owner. Next when an officer of the law gave him a command follow it it would have stopped there but no he tried to thug his way through the officer and got shot. 

What pisses me off is this the people of Ferguson is playing the race card to make it okay to loot, start fires and just raise hell this is what they wanted. Not only the people of Ferguson but in other cities who are protesting this. Look at it this way change the story white kid black cop white kid stole something didn't follow the officer command then tried to steal the officer gun hit the officer and the officer shot him you think it would be in the news? Hell no it wouldn't and if it was we would said that dumb ass white thug got what he deserves. 

So I'm sick and tired of the race card just cause people think something didn't go right. Please I'm gay and I don't have the same rights as you but you don't see me pulling my rainbow card. I live the best I can and I follow the law I don't have money but I don't go out and steal shit. I don't want the cops bothering me so I keep my nose clean yep it's that easy. So you people out burning down your town for what cause your stupid that's why you was looking for a reason and this is as good as any. 

What's a shame is the people who own these business you burn down the people you but out of work cause you burnt there job down. How stupid us that? I feel sorry for these people and I hope they had insurance and I hope they don't rebuild in your community cause honestly you don't deserve to have them in your community. Bet you didn't think about that when you was out ripping and burning down your town. 

So over the dumb shit! 
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  1. Jay M. Says:

    I agree that doing stupid shit, especially acting like an animal in the face of the police is stupid. I also wonder if there wasn't something that could have come first besides a gun. The officer was carrying mace(?) or pepper spray or something. That stuff shoots 10 or more feet, and take my word for it, it is debilitating. Shoot it at his crotch, he'll stop!!!

    On the other hand, the police make split second decisions. Some times, life or death decisions. So that being said, maybe he had to shoot.

    The odd part is that almost no grand jury fails to return an indictment. IF the prosecuting attorney wants one. It's always better to let a judge and jury, in the light of openness decide the fate of someone who has questionably used deadly force.

    I do agree that rioting accomplishes nothing and just highlights how stupid people are. They destroyed the property of their neighbors. That just tells the cops that they can't be trusted to do the right thing, and certainly leads to heightened scrutiny around them. Black or white, pray meetings are more effective than burning down the town!

    So I just don't know about the whole indictment thing. I hope Ferguson can heal. I hope that cop finds work in a less stressful position way away from there. And yeah, you're right. I hope no one whose property was destroyed rebuilds there. Go somewhere else.

    Peace <3

  2. jimm Says:

    From what facts I knew, I thought the officer would be let off.

    But I do think it should have gone to trial. Instead of showing the Grand Jury 'probable cause', the DA prosecuted the case against Brown.

    Remember, there is no defense attorney in GJ proceedings. However, the jurors themselves get to question the witnesses.

    I think a trial jury still would have found the officer in the right to defend himself.

    Brown was no saint. He shoved and bullied the shopowner/employee, as shown in the video. That pretty much shows his demeanor, and is consistent with what the officer described in their confrontation.

    Now that the hooligans have destroyed their own neighborhood liquor store and market, where will they shop?

  3. ryan field Says:

    "The odd part is that almost no grand jury fails to return an indictment. IF the prosecuting attorney wants one. It's always better to let a judge and jury, in the light of openness decide the fate of someone who has questionably used deadly force."

    I didn't know this. But I'm getting a better picture now. In this case, though, at least according to the evidence and the less than credible witnesses, they sound as if they truly couldn't come up with a solid case against him. I think it will be interesting to see how the federal investigation turns out.

    On the other hand, if this had gone to trial and a jury had found the cop innocent on all charges because there was lack of evidence, would there still have been riots and looting? I think there would have been. We have a serious race issue in the US and no one ever really addresses it honestly.

    The thing I can't stop wondering about is how all these people get to loot and riot and burn buildings without being locked up in jail. If I were to go out and loot, rob, or burn something you can be damn sure I'd wind up in jail and they'd throw away the key.

  4. D.R.Carrero Says:

    I will wait for the feds to give a final verdict. The whole craziness over there wont help anyone. More violence doesn't solve anything and only causes more problems. Its a sad day for the people there. I only pray things don't escalate further because the last thing we need is more rioting to spread.

    Thank you for commenting on this Ryan :)

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  5. lauradeth Says:

    I'm with you 100%. You took the words from my mouth.

  6. Tom Fess Says:

    I believe in the freedom of speach and the press, but when the media twists the facts by reporting only what they want people to hear, are they not partially to blame for the riots?
    Officer Wilson was found guilty by the media and by Fergusen as soon as the event happened. The city didn't care about facts, all they knew or cared was a non-black shot a black. I try my best not to be prejudiced, I have many black friends, but it seems like the black community is sometimes the most prejudiced of all. The mob mentality is totally unacceptable in any race or civilized culture.
    What should the white officers do? If a black man commits a crime, look the other way? Officer Wilson didn't care about the color of skin, he was concerned because a huge man was threatening the officers life, and he took necessary action.

  7. Ryan Says:

    Love the comments and thank you all for having enough balls to post them on here!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I know this is an old topic but until you are blk man you will never understand what it feels like obeying or breaking the laws to live in this world of hate. you don't understand cause the shit is not happening to you. But I do agree destroying your own community don't make no sense and they are a bunch of dumb ass fools.