Atlanta Bound

I can't stand it any longer I'm going to Atlanta next weekend. I need to feel Ryan's big cock inside me again,all 9 inches of it. Him being my first he has spoiled me. I wouldn't know what to do with anything smaller than his. He's got my ass just right so his fits perfect. Im craving the taste of his sweet ass. I just need to bury my face in it and stick my tongue as far as it will go in him. I love sucking his big cock and yes I can get all 9 inches in my mouth. I talked to him today and he said he's wanting to eat my ass real bad. He can take his tongue and lick my asshole and OMG he makes me explode. I think it's also about time for his balls to be shaved again so I can help with that too. I got to go Im making myself so horny thinking about him I need to go call him for some hot phone sex.
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