A Favor

Ok I have a favor I need to ask of whoever reads my blog. Before I ask it I need to give you some background information. This past April Ryan was attacked and beat up real bad. Their was 3 of the dirty motherfuckers. They took a bat out of his truck and broke several of his ribs numerous stitches in his head and on his body. As they were doing this they were telling him "So you think your a pretty boy were gonna make you real pretty",that type of shit. Well as a result of this my beautiful,cute,sweet,sexy boyfriend has developed a disorder where he thinks he's ugly.It's called Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD for short. The website I linked explains it better than I can other than to say Ryan thinks he's ugly which is a bunch of bullshit he just needs to see that. I ask him today to tell me what he thinks is ugly about him and he said don't open that door where do you want me to start. I know he believes that in his head but it's bullshit and I told him so. Ok here's the favor Im asking. Whoever comes across this blog the people who read regularly or anyone else. I want you to look at the two pics below and the others on here if you want and leave a comment on whether you think Ryan is cute or not. Im not worried about getting any bad comments just look at him that's all I need to say,he's beautiful, cute, sexy, I could go on but you get the idea. If he hears it from enough people maybe he will start to believe it again. Thanx in advance to anyone who comments.
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