Together Forever

Ryan and I had a blast the last 3 days. The sex was as good as I remembered. I got juicy details that I'll talk about in a later post. Now I wanted to explain the pics Ryan posted yesterday. The first pic is him fucking me and yes I did take all 9 inches if your wondering:) Second pic is Ryan giving me a blowjob. OMG that boy has a mouth on him and knows how to use it. Third pic is Ryan with his cock laying on my ass after he cummed. Just a little small peek at the most perfect cock Ive ever seen but Im prejudiced so you can disagree if you want. Fourth pic is me fucking Ryan. Yes I got to have some fun too. That's my cock in his tight little perfect ass. Someone asked who's ass is in the other post. That's mine Ryan's is much nicer

I also got a comment I wanted to talk about. The rushing into marriage comment. There's no maybe to it the sex is definitely great. Thinking about the future he is what do you think he's doing by asking me to marry him. Surprised that Ryan and I hit it off. I wish you would explain that one. What's surprising about it. The surprise would be him hitting it off with you. As far as me loving Ryan that's forever and as for the sleeping around on him part. You don't even know me boy to be saying that so watch your mouth. The only way I would sleep around on him is if you was avaible but just my luck your taken. HA HA HA
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