Too Happy

It's not possible to be too happy is it. Cause I can't see myself being any happier than I am right now. The weekend was unbeleivable and I don't just mean the sex either. I mean just kissing his soft lips touching his smooth cute face. Laying in bed with him asleep on my chest and feeling him breathing and his heart beating. Just laying there together knowing he loves me and knowing I love him it's something I just can't put into words.

Some jealous asshole called him a pretty boy yesterday and a prick. Hell yes he's pretty and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Him thinking he's better than anyone else is ridiculous. He didn't say why the asshole called him that but I will. He was hitting on Ryan and he told him he wasn't interested that he had a boyfriend and he got pissed. The pic below is one of my favorites I just love his smile among other things:)
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