Blue Monday

Well it's Monday the start of another week. It's already almost the middle of October it's hard to beleive. The nights are getting cooler here which I love. Wont be long till the leaves start changing. I love all the colors fall is the best time of the year. Maybe Ill take some pics of the mountains around here and post them.

I have a funny story about our local police. Their's only 2 of them sorta like Andy and Barney. Anyway a local store was robbed a mom and pop type place. The town is so small that the owners of the store knew the guy. So the police get a pic of him and take it around door to door asking if anybody had seen him. Of course everybody knows the guy there aint but like 4000 people in the whole town. The funny thing is the pic they got is out of his highschool yearbook and is 2 or 3 years old. The guy hardly looks anything like he did in the pic yet their going around showing it to people. I guess you would have to know the 2 policemen to realize how funny it is.
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