Country And Proud Of It

You know I get the feelin some people have trouble readin my blog. Like I don't have good grammer or something. Well I just type the way I talk. I reckon it has something to do with where Im from. Im country and proud of it whatever you want to call it hillbilly, redneck or whatever. I was born and raised within 10 miles from where Im at right now. Originally I lived up a holler (Im gonna explain all these words later in a little list if you don't understand) then moved into town a couple years ago. You see I use my blogger spell checker but some of the words I use aint in it. So you'll excuse me if I use some words that yall dont understand. Maybe my list will help you out if you come back and visit which Im sure you will. Some of these words I may not use in posts but adding in case you ever talk to me.
  1. reckon (I suppose or I guess)
  2. holler (a road that goes up between 2 moutains)
  3. gonna (going to)
  4. yall(you all)
  5. aint (dont really know how to explain it figure it out yourself)
  6. pop (carbonated drink you buy at the store)
  7. yella (yellow)
  8. cheer (to root for your favorite team or something you sit in)
  9. pitcher( a thing you pour something out of or to take a pitcher of yourself)
  10. kin ( somebody related to you)

Im sure theres more I left out so if you ever have any questions just ask in a comment or email.

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