I Tried

I said a couple posts ago I was gonna try to put all this shit behind me and Ryan. I wanted to and tried believe me I did. Then I see shit like this on someone's blog and I can't. It's their blog they can say what they want well goddammit this is mine and Im gonna have my say. No need to say any names they'll know who it's for just like I know who his post was for. He'll see it he comes to mine and Ryan's blog at least 3 times a day. Here's his post then I got some shit to get off my chest.

I too will act like a 12 year old girl

First off you two-faced motherfucker you were delinked because of a comment you made and I seen on another blog. It's clear to me you don't believe who Ryan and I say we are so you were delinked. Theirs others who were yet you tell someone to grow the fuck up. Let it go move on. Besides being delinked your ip was blocked from commenting. We want nothing more to do with you how clear can that be. I call you two-faced cause that's what you are. You have been reading Ryan's blog every since he had the other one he had to delete, even before me. Now you come with this bullshit you stupid son of a bitch. Let's say Ryan is not real which of course he is your little post still wouldn't be funny. Since he is though and all what you said in your post is really happened I hope your proud of yourself. Mocking and making fun of someone who has problems like that. Your a music teacher you say I hope the hell you don't make fun of your students like that. Music teacher my ass. Take a tuba and run it straight up your ass you two-faced son of a bitch. Im gonna stop cause I don't want to say something that's gonna get me in trouble. You tell us to grow up you grow the fuck up you asshole. I don't hate many people matter fact only one I know of my father but I can honestly say I hate you. That's it Ive had my say.

This is America and freedom of speech is one the few rights us gay people have and I am going to use it as much as I want! Anybody else want to step up to the plate so I can stike your ass out!

Grow up people, grow the fuck up!

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