Justice of Self- Esteem

In the depths of misery
Through out the existence of time
The Bereavement of your spirit was ended before the act
Your body and spirit expires
You lose confidence and your appreciated self-worth
And you take the simple methods available
Being self-centered
And not thinking of people who care for you
You let worldly issues consume all of your time
You focus your time on minor faults
No one is ideal
We all have our uncertain days
But we must parade the value of life
No day is precisely the same
There rests a long road of corpses
That has unsolved executions
The justice of self-esteem
Should begin at birth
To all tortured souls
There is still time to revive your spirits
Living in today's humanity
There is no compassion
People are losing hope everyday
Destructing of ones own interests
Has nothing to gain
Destructing of others interests
Causes the in depths of misery and sadness
The depression ends short
And unsolved
The unsolved murders where the corpses lay
Is the true unsolved mystery
You store every one of your tribulations in
Avoiding conversations and family awareness
There are signs
But to avoid the signs you must provide the justice of self-esteem
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