Trick or Treat

Tonight's Halloween all the little kiddies gettin candy. It's really celebrated in a big way around here. I don't know about anywhere else. Seems like every kid in town dresses up and goes out. Even the big ones go out but they get into no good. Where I lived previously before I moved into town they always caused some sort of trouble. I lived on a little 2 lane road and every Halloween the big kids would take stuff and block the road. All kinds of junk including wood, old appliances of any kind. They was even known to pull old junk cars in the middle of the road and leave them. You would call the sheriff but there an hour away or more. So you get out and move it yourself. That's one thing I don't miss by moving into town. I got a funny cartoon I want to share with everybody. It's a little naughty but were all adults.

Ok Spencer here's your song test for the day. Hope you don't burn to many brain cells.He walked over to the window.Silently stared into space. He said, I just want to protect you
Good luck.

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