My Ever Changing Views Of Friends

I wake up this morning and check my email. A friend of mine tells me to go to a certain blog and look at a post. Seems this we'll call him "Herbert" got offended by a comment I made to a comment he made and wants me to explain it so that's what Im going to do.

Ok first off Herbert about your comment yesterday. Ryan doesn't have double standards as you say but that wasn't what pissed me off. Here's a little quote word for word from you "I choose to stay linked to you because i enjoy reading what you ahve to say whoever you are". I maybe be wrong but that tells me you don't believe who Ryan is. Then I read your post today and I know Im not wrong. Here's another quote
"Just be aware my dear blogger friends that everyone is not always who they say they are."
I am sick and tired of people questioning who Ryan is saying he's 3 people and then your comments saying whoever you are. If you can't support and believe who Ryan or I am than your no friend to either of us. Also you say you don't need the drama. Well it's not yours anyway,we delinked several people not just you but your the only one seen fit to say something wonder why? Maybe a guilty conscience. On the blog that started all this shit we'll call him "Egbert" he made a mention of several people telling him they have chatted with this person the pest. Only people Ryan has chatted with is me you and a person who he knows is a true friend. So of the 3 you pick who's telling Egbert shit.

So long story short. You can link, delink, chat, talk, lead whoever you want to around on a dog collar and chain I could care less. From your comments you've made it clear you don't believe who Ryan is so your no friend as far as Im concerned. Anybody else who don't believe who Ryan is speak up that way we'll know who are true friends are
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