Anybody who knows me knows that I don't comment on blogs very much. Ive even had Ryan tell me I need to start opening up more and commenting. So I come home today from Ryan's and Im reading blogs and decide to comment on one. I thought I could offer some advice to the guy. Than I talk to Ryan and he says he's got an email telling him to go look at this blog I commented on. It seems this guy thinks Ryan is several different people and he told me to comment on his blog. What the fuck ever believe me Ryan is only one person. Who's big cock did I have up my ass and in my mouth the last 3 days. Who's ass was I pounding the last 3 days. I don't know what all this shit is about but Ill tell you this. When you fuck with Ryan you got me to deal with too. Anybody who don't believe who Ryan is don't come back to my blog or his. If you don't believe in him your not welcome. I was trying to be nice and commenting on your blog but don't worry I wont comment anymore.
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