Blog Flame Wars

I still find it funny how gay people hate each other. I think we hate each other worse than the straight people hate us. I also find it funny how some bloggers say they choose not to get into the blog flame wars so they say things in a different way to look like their not. They use the fact that they had a bad childhood and they won't go through that again. Hey didn't we all have something in our childhood we didn't like I know I sure did. The thing is I don't let it get to me. I leave it where it is in the past.

The fact to me is I didn't start the blog flame war but I will play along. The thing is someone don't like you and you choose to start lies on them and just think they will go away. That's not me my Southern Pride won't let me do that. You say I know your still reading my blog in your post well yes I am like I know you read mine. Last time I checked the things on the net are unless there a pay site are free to look at. Insults to me are only words and yes I could go on and on about what I think of you but I think there is other blogs that have already covered that.

Just like the blog awards I know deep down you thought you would run away with it but you didn't count on me working so hard against you. Between my Mom and friends I would guess we accounted for at least 400 votes. Them could have been yours with a simple post saying I am sorry I made a mistake and accuse someone of something they didn't do. Until I get that from you I will keep doing things like that just to piss you off. Yes it sounds childish but until I get what I want I won't stop. Oh when you quote people make sure you spell their name right.

I have a quote from an American also sure he is not as old but still lots of people listen to him.

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"People start shit but when it comes down to it they cant back their mouth or lies up"
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