When is it our turn

All the things we have in America we are missing one thing the same rights as other Americans. Yes I am talking about gay rights. What gives any other American the right to tell me cause I am gay that I am wrong or that I am going to hell. I believe in God and I believe we come from the image of him I believe he made me this way for a reason. Maybe it's because the straight people didn't do what they were suppose to. They sure didn't live by the bible they were fucking like crazy and out of wed lock maybe God made gay people to control the population. I don't know just my opinion. Hat's off to the Brits when is it our turn?

Later from Atlanta.

Story from the AP
LONDON -- Nearly 700 same-sex couples plan to form civil partnerships in England and Wales this week under a new British law.

Starting Wednesday, gay couples will be able to register for civil unions, which will give them most of the legal rights married heterosexuals have.

Among those planning to take advantage of the day are rock star Sir Elton John and filmmaker David Furnish, his longtime partner.

Dec. 21 marks a transformation in social attitudes in Britain. It was just 17 years ago that Margaret Thatcher's government enacted "Clause 28." That law banned local authorities and schools from doing anything that could be seen as promoting homosexuality.

Now, the change is generally cheered.

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