Feeling Better

It was nice to come back to the blog and see all the comments the support you guys gave me is really nice thanks! I been going to the doctor everyday this week and I am feeling a little better. I think it's just a New Year coming up and the idea of getting older scares me. Like my birthday this past year was hard for me. With my blogger friends I got through it and I will this shit I am going through now.

Mikey will be back posting soon he had family come in so he's been busy with that. I know I am so ready for a post from him. I feel like I came over here to his blog and kinda took over. He says that not true but I feel like I have. So Mikey hurry up and get back here and post something I know I speak for everyone when I say we miss you!

I am going to post my HNT pic early. I know the choices out there can scare the hell out of ya. So I try to give you something better to look at other than a bunch of old dudes. Today's pic I think is hot how could you go wrong with a naked bunny right?

Later from Atlanta!

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