Thank You's And Sorry's

I want to take a second and say something to our readers as you seen this past week we have been posting things to help Pam win the blog awards. I know we got so involved with it that we were driving you people crazy. Maybe even lost some readers over it I sure hope not but I think we might have. There was a reason I got behind this like I did. The reason is when someone did me wrong and lied on me I had revenge in my eyes and when the chance came to get it I took it and ran with it. I knew how bad he wanted it and I knew how bad I didn't want him to have it.

My revenge was doing everything in my power to make sure this didn't happen I even talk other bloggers to help me and they did I thank you very much. In getting my revenge I may have lost some friends and readers. I am willing to accept this and hope I can make it up to you some how.I am very sorry to anybody that I ran or push away from our blog. For those that stuck around thanks and we will get back to the way things were before but only better. We are working on some new ideas for the blog and hope in the up coming year you all stick around to see the change.

Thanks Again from Atlanta
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