2 Tragedy's

I don't know if anyones been watching the news the past 3 days. If you have Im sure you seen the reports of the coal mine explosion here in my state of West Virginia. Well they finally got to the miners and all but one were dead. That's a tragedy but there was another one too. The familes were initally told that 12 of the 13 miners were alive. That was due to a "miscommunication" from the rescue team to the command center. That's bad enough but then they found out 20 minutes later that in fact only one of the miners were alive. Do you think they went and told the family members the bad news. No they waited 3 hours before telling them. I was watching on the news and it was showing the families waiting on the porch of the church in the cold with blankets wrapped around them. They stood out there for 3 hours waiting for the dads,brothers,husbands to be led out of the mine.Sure it would have been awful to tell them the bad news 20 minutes later. What the fuck do you think they felt like when you told them 3 hours later. They were mad and pissed off and rightly so. One woman said were dumb West Virginians so you'll think we'll believe anything. We may be dumb but were not stupid. Just cause were hicks and hillbillys don't mean we don't have feelings too.
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