My 2 Cents

Ive been blog surfing this morning reading about the mine disaster here in my state. Most of these blogs don't know shit about the facts of the situation. Im only 130 miles from the area where it happened. That's a hell of a lot closer than any west coast blogs. Ive been following on our local news and in the paper. One blog is blaming the media for the way the story got out about the miners being alive initially. He questions their sources. Let me tell you who their sources were. When you got the governor of the state and the president of the mining company along with countless other official people from police to people in the command center out in the parking lot hollering and shoutin about all 12 miners alive wouldnt you think those are pretty good sources. Hell the governor is the top official in the state. The president of the mining company is the highest official person you would want to get info from. So all the media hear this and they report it. There's not a damn thing wrong with that. The blame for the screw up is right where it should be. With the rescue team and the mining company. They should have checked their facts before letting any word of 12 miners being alive get out. The media didn't leave the families sitting in that church for 3 hours thinking their loved ones were alive when they knew the truth 40 minutes after the told them. Here's some more facts that blogs are getting wrong. One was talking about how the miners built a barricade from materials that were around them to keep the poisonous gas away from them. He said the media fabricated that bit of the story. I myself with my own 2 ears heard the president of the mining company in a news conference say the miners had built a barricade. So if the top official with the mines says it thats a pretty good source aint it. So the media reported it. Theres nothing wrong with that. If it was't true its not their fault again its the mine company.

I know the media reports things wrong sometimes. But some people need to stop blaming the media for everything wrong they read. In this case the media had good sources and don't have any reason to be sweeping anything under the rug.
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