Rambling On

Why does people get depressed I ask my self that all the time since it happens to me a lot. I think of things sometimes from my past that puts me on a down mood. Sometimes there is know reason at all I just feel something creeping up and all the sudden I am feeling blue. This is been in my life for years and I really am sick of it. I take drugs to make me better most the time it helps sometimes know matter what the depression just happens. I see a counselor to help me with my thoughts she is good to talk to but still the depression wins.

In my life I have many things wrong with me and I hate it. Like hearing aids, glasses I just can't wear contacts. I don't make it easier on my eyes I refuse to wear them out in public so it's hard for me to see and now I notice I am wearing my glasses more and more at home for I can't see shit. I am a diabetic I hate that checking my sugar levels 2 or 3 times a day since I was a young boy. Just all these fucking problems and they make me depressed. I sit and think about how it would be just to be a normal boy will I even have this depression crap going on? I don't think I would.

I take things to heart to much is what my doctor tells me. I believe in people no matter what. That is not a good thing I know I always get hurt. When people say bad things about me I take it to heart when most people let it roll off. I believe in life you have to have trust and trust in the fellow man. I know there are people out there you can't trust no matter what but I believe in giving people benefit of the doubt. Still when I do that it always seems to came back on me somehow. They know how to hurt you and they do what they can to turn people on you and they did a good job at that.

When someone lies to you and you know it can you forgive them? If the lie they told wasn't meant to hurt anybody just maybe your trust do you forgive? If you care about this person very much and they lied to you can you forgive them? I remember an old saying "The truth shall set you free" If this person told you the truth to set there mind at ease and you cared for them could you find it in your hurt to forgive them? I would like your input on this if you don't mind

Rambling in Atlanta.
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