Understand This

Suicide people ask why do people kill themselves? There are many reasons why and people say they don't understand why they didn't just ask for help? Maybe they did but you didn't listen.

Suicide have I thought about? Yes I have. Have I tried it.....No comment!

I wake everyday and search for a reason to go on I always find a reason.

Suicide is not for me but for you say you don't understand why people do it I say walk in my shoes for a day. Go through the things I been through. No not everything that has happen to me I have post about only a few people know.

Suicide don't just say you don't understand get up walk away from the computer and search and seek to understand reach out to someone if you think there in trouble tell them you care!

People don't understand suicide only because they choose not to it's the easy way out! If they stop and looked maybe help no it takes too much of there time.

Suicide............Understand it make a difference!
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