The Boy Part 2

Sorry it took so long to finish this story. I want to say if you don't want to read beyond this point you should stop now cause I am going to get a bit nasty. I am not going to hold back anything about my first time with a boy. Like I said before I was 14 the first time I mean the first time I had full sex. I played with other boy's when I was younger but nothing like this. So now the rest of the story.

We were on my bed kissing and feeling each other up and I was about ready to lose my load and I told him this he told me not just yet he wanted me to enjoy this. So he started taking my shirt off and the only thing I was wearing down there was my speedo's. He was kissing my neck my lips my neck I was going crazy. He worked his way down to my chest and I could tell he had done this before. He kissed on my chest sucked on my nipples I swear I was going to blow right there. I told him not to touch my cock I didn't think I could hold it and he said well we don't want that now do we.

He said he was going to take my speedo's off I said ok. He slowly took them off said he dreamed about this moment forever. He told me when he pulled them off he said I knew it I said what he said oh nothing I just knew it. I told him I couldn't hold back to much longer he said well I hope your up to doing it more than once. I said I was up to doing it all night. He was feeling my cock and then he started licking my head and I about passed out. He then took it in his mouth and went up and down a few times I told him I was cumming he didn't even take his mouth off it and I did cum and I almost passed out.

I have to tell you when I get to excited I do pass out. I have done it since I was little. Now sometime when I climax I still pass out I have freaked a few guys out doing that. Anyway back to the story after I cummed I told him I wanted to do him he said ok but he wanted to try other things I said ok. So I took his shorts off and I went to town I wasn't as sexy to him as he was to me I went right for the cock. It was a little funny at first I try to take to much in and gagged on it a few times he told me to slow down get use to it. I said ok and when I did it was like I been doing it all my life.

I got him close and he said he was about to cum I said go ahead he said Ryan you better not in your mouth I said why not you did. He said this is your first time right. I said yeah he said you need to ease into things like that he said I'll cum on my tummy and you can try it he said you need to ease into things. I said ok I wasn't happy but I agreed. So I got him close again and he said stop and he finish jacking himself off and cummed all over his tummy. After he said ok you want to taste it use your finger and try so I did. I thought this wasn't bad so I licked some up and it was different than the little I had on my finger.

Later he ask me if he could stay the night I said oh yes I want to do it again he said me too. So that night he said you think we could bath together I said sure my parents are going out I said sure we could. So bath time came we ran some hot water and got in he ask me if I thought I was a top or bottom. I had to ask him what did he mean and he told me. I said I don't know he said would I like to try being a bottom I said you want to put your cock in me he said yes I said ok. We got out of the bath and went to my room he ask me if there was any lube in the house. I ask him what was lube he told me I said I don't know maybe in my Mom's room. We went and look and there was nothing.

He ask me if we have any vaseline I said yeah we have some of that he said we will use that. We went back to my room and started make out again and he got some vaseline on his fingers and put his finger between my legs. I thought it was strange but it felt good and he stuck his finger in my butt and it felt good. He did that for a while and ask me if I was ready I said sure I'll try he said it's gonna hurt at first but it will get better I thought oh my it's gonna hurt. So he told me to get on my knees and we would try it doggie style first I said ok.

He got behind me and was rubbing his cock between my butt checks and stopping at my hole and he said ok Ryan I am going to stick it in I said ok. He started pushing and oh my it did hurt. He went slow and got it in and said lets just wait and you will get use to it. We waited for a few and he started moving and it still hurt but apart of me like the feeling also he ask me if I was ok and I said yes. He started going faster and I got hard as a rock the faster he pushed the better it felt I thought I was going to cum. He was going faster and faster and next thing I knew I did cum all over my bed.

About the same time he did also and we just fell on top each other he said did you like it? I said oh yes I like it a lot. We did it 3 more time that night and for about 2 weeks after that. I got really good at being a bottom. I guess if you were all wondering yes I am a bottom boy. I wish things would have worked out with the boy but it didn't not his fault or my fault. His parents found out what we were doing and shipped him away to get help for being gay. I never seen him again and often think about him a lot. Last time I heard anything about him he was in college doing real good and still is gay. I think about him a lot cause he was my first time and he was very sweet and easy with me.

I know he don't read this bet he don't even think about me but I would like to say thank you for teaching me a lot of things being gentle with me and I am glad you were my first.

Remember peeps this is a short story of a wonderful night of my first time so a lot of the small details I left out I didn't want to make this to long and lose you while you were reading.

Happy thoughts in Atlanta.
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