Bud Shootout

That's right its that time of year again. Nascar season has rolled around. The first race is tonight and although it's not for points or anything it's a Nascar race and that's all that matters. I wanted to talk about my favorite driver Kasey Kahne. He's starting 5th in tonights race so thats a good spot to be. He won his first race last year and was in the running to win a couple more. He also had to many races where he was wrecked and didn't get to finish. Even if you don't win the races it's important to finish as high as you can cause points are awarded depending on what place you finish in. At the end of the year the points leader is declared the champion. So if he can win a few races and get some top 5 and 10 finishes and cut down on his DNF'S he could be in the running for the championship at the end of the year. Of course he's cute as hell and I got pics of him Im gonna post. Look at his eyes when you check the pics out. I also got pics of some Kasey stuff my sweetie Ryan sent me Im gonna post. Ryan's got his favorite driver Brian Vickers who is also a cutie. He's gonna be talking about him in the next day or two.

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