Playing With Myself

I want to talk about something most guys don't talk about. Masturbation, jacking off, spanking the monkey what ever you call it. People that know me know I am a very sexual person I love sex and can't get enough. When I am alone I jack off a lot. I like jacking off I think I am very good at it. I think gay guys talk about it more than straight guys. Straight guys act like it's a sin or something but they do it as much as gay guys just don't talk about it.

I can remember back when I was like 5 or 6 playing with myself and it felt good. Of course I never stopped and do it much better now then back then. I bet I jack off at least once a day sometimes more. Some people say all kinds of stuff to get kids not to do it but it is healthy. I will have a link at the end of this post for those who want to see what the doctors say about it. When I was growing up my parents caught me a few times then my Dad talk to me about it and told me it was ok it was mine there was nothing wrong with what I was doing.

I think my parents are more open about sex then other parents. I mean hell they let my boyfriend stay the night here and they know we get it on. Back to jacking off like I said I do it daily and love it and I am not scared to talk about it. I use to have a couple friends growing up that we had circle jerks together I thought that was so cool. I will even drop this bomb and you will really think I am a pervert. I have jerked off to porn with my younger Brother. That's right I did and more than once so make fun of me I don't care.

Me and Mikey can't be together as much as we want so we have what they call phone sex and I have to say I drive him crazy when we do. I so get into jacking and toys it just drives him nuts. I don't understand why guys can't just be honest and say hell yes I jack off and I love it. They just can't it's just something not talked about like it's dirty. So I am going to be honest and just say it I masturbate I think I am damn good at it makes me feel really good when I reach climax. Now be honest with me you know you want to watch me. Just Kidding!

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