Heading For Home

Well I knew this day would come as much as I hated to admit it. I was hoping the weekend would never end but it did. Im up early getting ready to head for home unfortunately. Ryan and I got back to his house about 7 last nite. I think I mentioned it before when I visited Ryan but his house is beautiful. It looks just like a southern plantation house to me. He don't really like talking about it he just says its just a house but it's beautiful to me. To many rooms to count and more bathrooms than a hotel. His mom had dinner ready when we got back so that was sweet. His little brother and sister are the cutest little kids. Dads your typical dad I reckon he's kinda leery of me wondering what my intentions are with his boy. Hmm wouldn't he like to know. We ate dinner than visited with the family for a bit then headed upstairs for bed. I was planning on getting to sleep early cause I wanted to get started early this morning. But that boy I swear he's a little animal. Hell I lost track of how many times we did it. We never did get to sleep. I even tried to take a shower this morning and he was right in there with me. His mom's got breakfast almost ready so we need to go and eat and cry our eyes out before I leave. I hope she don't offer me any cream for my coffee. I all ready had mine this morning.

Here's some pics from around Atlanta. I hope yall enjoy them Ill have more later on.

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