Leaving Daytona

I had the time on my life here Daytona. The best part was Mikey being here with me. I think I surprised him by getting us into the pits it's nice having friends in low places. To be honest a boy who's name I won't say I went to school with and he is a driver and he got us in and that Saturday night he let us stay in his RV so we didn't even have to leave the track. This is one of the best times I have ever had and I know it can only get better with Mikey by my side. We are leaving here about noon so I thought I would post before we go.

The race was awesome there is a lot I could talk about but I want to talk about only a few. The first is Brian my driver leading some of the race. How cool is that I thought he might have a chance he would have if he only would have taken some tires his last pit stop. When he was leading the race I got a hard on I know that's simple but when your into Nascar like I am and your driver is leading and might win the blood is pumping it pumps in all the right places.

I want to say how happy I am that Jimmie Johnson won he is a team mate of Brian's so I was happy he won. With all that happen to his team this week I am glad he won. If you don't follow Nascar his crew chief was tossed out of Daytona and will be suspended for a few races. They said he added something to the windows to make the car go faster. Now I don't know much about g-forces and all that but how much faster can a car go with something on the window. Anyway it wasn't allowed he was ask to leave and he did.

Now after the car passed by Nascar and Jimmie won some of the other cry baby drivers said he cheated to win the race. For those that don't know the car was looked at before the race and after by Nascar to make sure it was legal and it passed by Nascar. So to those cry baby drivers and the haters of team 48 and Jimmie Johnson what do you have to say now? Just cause he can still win without his crew chief you want to cry he cheated all because your car sucked. If you want to bitch and cry about something why not cry and bitch about Tony Stewart and his driving. He bitches all week that somebody was going to get killed. So Nascar was on everyone about aggressive driving and who did more of it than anyone else at the race? Oh that's right Stewart himself. What a cry baby bitch!

Thanks to all those that keep coming to our blog and thanks for bearing with us on this Nascar week posts we been doing. I can tell by the comments some of you are not into it. We will be getting back to regular posts when we get back to Atlanta. Leaving you with some more pics from Daytona. I think I might give Mikey another surprise on the way home!

Later from Daytona!

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