Questions For You And Some Dolly

I been doing a lot of thinking the last 2 days. Well every since I left Ryan really. The whole drive back it's all I thought about. I have been seeing Ryan every couple months or so now and to be honest it's like torture leaving him. We talk on the phone all the time and do other stuff but it's not the same of course. I need some advice from all of you that read our blog. Im seriously considering moving down to Atlanta but I have questions in my mind. As you know Im from a very small town and moving to a giant city like Atlanta scares me to death. Another question in my mind is my mom. If you don't know I still live with her. I find it hard to leave her I take her every where from work to shopping doctors wherever she needs to go. I know she would tell me to go cause she wouldn't want to hold me back in any way but it's hard to just up and leave her all alone. Those are my 2 major questions. Any advice you have will be really appreciated.

Also wanted to talk about Dolly Parton who I have always loved. I found this article on the net and thought it was interesting. It's titled Dolly's Plea for Gay Tolerance. It's hard to believe she's 60 years old. She looks damn good for 60. She always tells it just like it is and is so down to earth. I reckon thats why I have always loved her. She's just a good ole country girl.

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