Supporting The Troops

Last night the people who live next door to us son came home from Iraq. I knew he was over there and I know him all though not that well but still know him the same. They had a party for him and they ask us to come over. My parents of course right away said they would be there. Me on the other hand I wasn't as sure about it as them. Now it's not for the reason you are thinking. Yes I have voiced my opinion on Bush and the war and I think both are wrong but after last night I think I need to make something very clear about how I stand on something else.

I did go over to the party and the reason at the time for me was for the free food. I could smell the grill from my bedroom window and this southern boy was never one to turn down some good ole southern barbeque. Anyway I was there and Andy that's the Solider's name hadn't come in yet and for the record I told him I was going to write about him on this blog and I did ask him if I could use his name. I was feeding my face with some ribs when he came in the door and I never seen a mother so happy. I think the woman almost fainted the tears of happy and joy she had made me tear up.

Andy is only a few years older than me and I played at his house a few times never was close friends but I knew him. He kinda did his own thing and I did mine. I did think about him being over there and would hope he would come back safe. He was injured while he was over there. He was shot a couple times and only has half feeling in one arm. Least he came back alive and that I think is wonderful. I finally got a little time alone with Andy. We went out back he wanted to get high. He asked me if I wanted to get high with him I told him naw but if you like it go right ahead.

As we sit there I ask him Andy what was it like over there? He said Ryan it was like being in hell. He said most of the people over there could give a shit care less about if you live or die. He said I have to walk around worried about getting shot, kidnapped or blown up by a car bomb. He said the worse part is we know the people back home don't care either and he said it's not there fault but they were lied to so much by their leader that they don't want us to be here in Iraq. He said most of the guys in his group didn't want to be there anymore that they felt they were lied to also and their fighting for something that wasn't right.

He said it hurt a lot of them knowing they didn't have the love or support of their Country. He said a lot of people bitch and complain but they had no right until they walk the streets of Baghdad. He said all he wished for and most Solider's was to have the people back home support them not the war but just support them. He said when guys come home and in the airport very few people come up and say good job or welcome home. He said it's not our fault we are there. Were just doing our job but yet people blame us. He said what happen to America they use to support their troops. He asked is there that much hate for Bush that it trickles down to us?

I said yes Andy I am afraid so. There is so much hate in this country right now that it's hard for anybody to love anything and yes it starts at the top. I told him I didn't want to make a gay issue out of things I said speaking for gay people it's hard for us to support the troops when our country don't support us. I told him in the American peoples eyes us gays are 2nd class citizens and if your gay and in the military omg thats a no-no. I told him the hate starts at the top and runs down hill and right now so many Americans are filled with hate that they don't know what to support.

He told me that he wished the American people would just get behind the troops and show them they love and that they care. He said it didn't matter what they think of Bush or if the war was right or wrong that we should just support our troops like they did back when Pearl Harbor was attacked. He said there is a song that they played all the time over there and it sums up the way most of the troops felt. He ask me to listen to it and I did. After hearing it I have a different look on things. I still don't like Bush and can't wait for the day he is out of office but I have a better outlook for our troops. He also gave me some pics to share with you all. Please leave a comment for Andy if nothing else say hi show him we care!

I want to say Thanks to all the American Troops for doing their job and for doing something I couldn't do. I am sending you some love and safe thoughts from Atlanta!

Didn't I
by Montgomery Gentry

Didn't I make you proud
Go and lay my life down
When you called my name
I thought I stood for something
Was doing the right thing when I went away
Now being back should be so simple
But I keep getting mixed signals from everyone
Why do people sit and judge me
Who I ain't seen what I seen or did what I've done

Didn't I burn,didn't I bleed enough for you
I faced your fears
Felt pain so you won't have to
Ya didn't I do my best
And wasn't home here when I left

I've seen boys fall to pieces
Grown men cry out for Jesus
Til there black and blue
I thought God was on your side
Weren't we suppose to be the good guys
That would never lose
Cause I don't see no ticker tape or five mile parades
Sayin "Thank You son"
Just folks that sit and judge me
Who ain't seen or did what I've done

Didn't I burn,didn't I bleed enough for you
I faced your fears
Felt the pain so you won't have to
Ya didn't I do my best
And wasn't home here when I left.

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