Scenes From Daytona

Just a quick post to let everyone know Ryan and I made it to Daytona. We started out early yesterday morning about 6 and got down there about 1 probably. Traffic wasn't that bad although the closer we got to Daytona the worse it got. I have kinda of a naught story to tell hope you don't mind. I got the first blowjob while I was driving that I ever had. Surprised the hell out of me. Ryan didn't say anything just all the sudden unzipped and started. Im surprised I didn't wreck. My babies good to he didn't even make a mess.OMG that boy is a handful. Anyway enough of that.

With Ryan's friend he knows we was able to get back to the garage area and we got some awesome pics. Im posting some at the end of this. Were getting ready now to go back out to the track and mess around maybe take some more pics to post later. Well Ryan's finally ready takes that boy forever. We probably wont post again till tomorrow maybe before the race if not then after.

Brian just after practice

Brian with some guy

Brian practicing his car

Kasey he's so cute but he needs a shave

Kasey and his car owner Ray Evernham looking at lap times

Kasey practicing

One of Ryan's boy's Reed Sorenson also a cutie

Budweiser Clydesdale horses. If you look close you can see Dale Earnhardt's Jr's car behind the first 2 horses. Ryan and I like the horses better than we do Jr.
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