This Pisses Me Off

Ok this pisses me off. It's bad enough Fred Phelps and his nutty religous group are blaming hurricanes and other natural disasters on gay people. Now I see he has blamed the recent mine disasters at Sago mine and the 2 others on gay people and its God's way of punishing America. He even sent protesters to the funerals of the 12 miners. I didn't see it covered in the local news but I hope they got the shit kicked out of them by some good ole UMWA boys. West Virginia also had a soldier die in Iraq recently and they were at his funeral protesting. How sick and low do you have to be to protest at a funeral when the family members are grieving over their loved ones. My state and several others are attempting to pass a law that would keep protesters at least 300 feet from a funeral service. It's old news but here are a couple links if you would like to read more about it.

Kansas Group To Picket Memorial Service

States Rush To Stop Pickets
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