This Upsets Me

Shit Like this pisses me right off. When are we going to be free to live like all other Americans? I know we have come a long way but we are still far behind. I ask when will the hate stop and we as gay people can live like true Americans and not 2nd class citizens. My Heart Hurts for America.
Later from Atlanta.

Police: Man Attacks Gay Bar's Patrons With Hatchet, Gun
Before Attack Man Asked Bartender If It Was Gay Bar

UPDATED: 11:23 am EST February 2, 2006

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. -- Police in Massachusetts are investigating a shooting at a gay bar as a hate crime.

Authorities in New Bedford, about 50 miles south of Boston, said a man walked into the bar around midnight, attacked several patrons with a hatchet and then opened fire with a handgun. There were about 18 patrons in the establishment at the time.

Police said an armed man walked into the lounge, ordered a drink, and asked if it was a gay bar. He then attacked several men who were playing pool in the back, swinging at them with a hatchet before eventually firing a gun and fleeing. He is still at large. The lounge bartender said the man wore a hood over his face.
WCVB-TV in Boston reported that at least three people were injured, and one of them suffered serious injuries.

Police are still searching for the suspect, who they identified as Jacob D. Robida, 18, of New Bedford.

Puzzles Lounge is popular with the local gay community and is listed on several Web sites offering resources to gays and lesbians. The bar is connected to a small multi-family home.

Police were investigating reports that the attack was a hate crime.

"Three people total shot. Two of them were attacked with a hatchet as well. If it was up to me to determine what his motive was, it was a hate crime because his intentions were to confirm that it was a gay bar. Never spoke to anybody in there, he's never been in the bar before. And five minutes afterward, he starts attacking everybody," said the bartender, who asked to be identified only as Philip.

Robida was described as a short, stocky white man with dark hair. He was last seen driving a green 1999 Pontiac Grand Am and is considered armed and dangerous,

Two of the wounded men were taken to Boston hospitals. A third man was treated at St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford. There was no word on their conditions.
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