Bunnies and Horses

I got to Ryan's about 4 yesterday afternoon but just my luck he wasn't home. He was off with his dad and brother looking at horses to buy for their farm. His mom was home though so I hung out with her. We had a nice long talk and I learned a lot of things about Ryan that he had never told me before. Nothing bad just little things that only a mom would know.

Ryan didn't get home till about 6 and of course I was thrilled to see him. We ate dinner and played some video games with Ryans brother. I got my ass kicked of course. I was planning on getting to bed early because of my interviews. I wanted to have plenty of sleep and be alert. Wouldn't you know it though I only got about 2 hours sleep. That damn Ryan is like the energizer bunny. He just keeps going and going. So if my interviews go bad I know who to blame. He's gonna have to make it up to me big time if they don't go good. He has to work for his mom today since it's Friday so Ill have some time to kill after the interviews. I can't wait till were alone together just the 2 of us in the beach house. We should be leaving after he gets off work today. Well I got to go eat and get to my interviews. Wish me luck. Oh everybody already did.

Here's some pics of the horses they brought back yesterday. You see the white one Ryan said I could have that one. Ain't he just the sweetest thing ever.

Ryan doesn't live exactly in Atlanta. He lives on the outskirts. He don't like saying the name of the town but this fountain is in the town square.
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