HNT/ A Memory

People who have followed this blog and my old blog knows me and my Dad have always had a rocky relationship. Don't get me wrong I love my Dad and I think he is a good person and he knows I think he made a mistake in the past. Even though he made a mistake I don't hold that against him. I did get a brother and a sister out of it. So I guess it wasn't a mistake after all. Maybe my Mom might feel different about it but she has forgiven him also.

I wanted to share a memory I have about my Dad. I head this song today and it made me think of him. It's country song by Alan Jackson. I been trying to listen to country music a little more cause that's what Mikey likes. The name of the song is called Drive. It's about a guy who remembers his Dad teaching him how to drive and one of my best memory's with Dad was when he taught me how to drive.

We live out in the country and he took me out on this dirt road and taught me how to drive. I remember I was so scared cause we use to exchange words all the time. I just knew in my head he would get upset at me and yell and I would just sit there and cry. So I didn't want him to teach me I wanted Mom to teach me. Dad said it's the man thing to do to teach his son how to drive so I didn't have a choice really so off we went.

We got on the dirt road and he pulled over and said slide over. So I did and he told me about the gas and the brake. Check the mirrors talk about the turn singles. Everything that I needed to know about driving. I took off and spun the tires and I waited for him to yell and he didn't and when I hit the brakes a few times and almost threw us through the window and still he didn't yell. I think it was one of the best time I had with my Dad and he went with me when I went and took my test. I remember how happy he was when I passed the test and he let me drive home.

Here's a little bit of the song if you haven't heard it. I would say take the time to listen to it. I just bet it would bring back a good memory with you Dad.

Alan Jackson

Just an old half ton short bed ford
My Uncle bought new in 64
Daddy got it right cause the engine was smoking
A couple of burnt valves and he had it going
He'd let me drive her when we haul off a load
Down a dirt strip where we'd dump trash off of Thickpen Road
I'd sit up in the seat and stretch my feet out to the pedels
Smiling like a hero who just received his medal

It was just an old hand me down ford
With 3 speed on the column and a dent in the door
A young boy two hands on the wheel
I can't replace the way it made me feel and
I would press that clutch
And I would keep it right
He would say a little slower son
Your doing just fine
Just a dirt road with trash on each side
But I was Mario Andretti
When Daddy let me drive

I am so happy Mikey will be here soon! Later from Atlanta.

Happy HNT
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