The Day after Sunday

I had a nice weekend didn't do much. Played some xbox with my brother did a little shopping and of course talked to Mikey on the phone a few times. My arm and penis are both sore haha I know tmi. Well I am a boy with a toy and a horny boy at that with a boyfriend that lives far away. I so hope that changes soon. I did get caught up on my sleep and I needed that. I wore my body out the week before with Nascar being in town and didn't keep track of my sugar diabetes that well. I didn't watch my food intake either so I had my body all out of whack.

Mom of course jumped my ass for doing that to myself. She always says until I learn to take of myself better that I couldn't move out. I guess I better start listening if I ever want to get out of here right. I have been having a lot of trouble with my knee again. When I was like 12 I busted it swimming and had to have surgery on it back then but here lately its been driving me crazy. I told Mom about it and she's going to make an appointment this week so the doctor can look at it. Well that's about it for this boring post sorry if I put you to sleep.

Oh I had a question from a fan and he ask me who I thought was the hottest famous person. Well it was hard to pick just one so I going to pick a top 5 but this changes on a daily basis really. I see a new actor or singer and I am like who is that boy making my manhood stick up and say here I am!

1. Jesse McCarnety
2. Brian Vickers
3. Ryan Carnes
4. Gregory Smith
5. Shane West

Later from Atlanta.
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