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Ok guys we in the gay community have got to stick together. Looks like The American Family Association is planning on urging its members to complain to Walmart managers over the chain's decision to promote and carry Brokeback Mountain. What we need to do as gay people is go online and pre buy the movie and also call your local Walmart and ask when the movie is coming out. We know it's on the 4th of April but we need to show them that we are waiting on it. We just have to show Walmart we are behind them on selling this movie in their stores. We can't let groups like AFA and Center for Reclaiming America, Liberty Counsel,, Faith2Action, and Citizens for Community Values win with their hate. You can read the story here. 365 Gay News.

I just know if we stick together and show Walmart that we are here and we are queer and were behind them 100% it will make a difference. This is the only way we will change people's minds. We have to stick together like they do. They speak in numbers we can do the same. Their are many gay groups in your town maybe even in your neighborhood. Call them and tell them you will stick up for your rights and you will help fight these groups. If we show these big company's like Walmart, Microsoft, Ford and Disney that we will support them for supporting us I believe it will make a difference. I hope this proves to the people out there that read our blog and think all we blog about is sex well we do talk about news topics when they need to be talked about.

Thought I would throw this in also just incase you live in one of these states.

Most Dangerous States 2006

1. Nevada
2. Louisiana
3. New Mexico
. Arizona
5. Maryland
. South Carolina
7. Florida
8. Tennessee
9. Alaska
. California
Data compiled by Morgan Quitno
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